Corner cupboard update--popping the eyes

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The corner cubboard bottom doors have been sitting around for a few weeks. They are stable and it is time for more fun. Now I need to pop the eyes in the birdseye maple. Need to gather some supplies: boiled linseed oil (BLO), turps, sour cream container, old sock, box lids. Here is where I move it all to the finishing booth. If you are a redneck like me, that means let down the gate of the pickup truck.

Next step is to mix the BLO--two parts BLO to one part turpentine. Cut the sock in half. Apply liberally. Here is one down with one to go. Eyes are poppin'.

Next step is to heat it up in the Florida sun. Not too much or the panels will warp. 10-15 minutes works. Then add more BLO.

Next step is to wait 10 minutes in the shade for the oil to soak in. Then take the clean half of the sock and wipe off the residue. Bring all inside for a week or two to dry. Got any BLO left? If so, dab it on the workbench.

Be careful with the BLO and socks. They need to be outside to outgas and dry. Confine it and you will soon be able to watch the flames.:kamahlitu


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That's a nice couple of boards you have there, really nice dense figure. Nice finishing room too, plenty of space......
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