1. W

    Help - Gravel driveway and weed control

    I’m sure there are a couple of members out there with a gravel driveway. I was hoping some of you can share secrets to controlling weed growth in the driveway. I know Roundup is probably the easiest solution, but I would like to also prevent weeds from growing. I am not too knowledgeable with...
  2. S

    Charles Neil's Pre-Color Conditioner - Blotch Control

    I’ve posted a written review and my video review of Charles’ blotch control on my blog. Overall its a great product. Easy to use, non-toxic and it just plain works.
  3. Flute Maker

    Use of Foot Control to Vary Speed

    I have a Foredom grinder the ones used to carve with. It has a foot pedal to vary the speed.. It could be unplugged and hooked to other tools easily. .I was wondering could this be used to vary the speed on a lathe with a 120 volt motor on it ? Would it mess up the motor in any way? Thanks
  4. DWSmith

    Dust Collector Remote Control Question

    Okay. So I'm lazy. The remote control for the TV has ruined me. But the remote control for the dust collector in the shop has become almost a necessity. I had a Shop Fox remote unit and the first remote died not long after I put it to use. The second remote died two days ago and Kligspor...
  5. M

    Gould motor control on Powermatic 45 lathe

    Happy Holidays to all... I used to be a member several years ago when I lived in NC, and I'm glad to be back online, albeit it from SW Virginia... HELP! I have a powermatic model 45 lathe. The Gould motor control (at least that is what i think the unit inside the door on the bottom left...
  6. Bas

    Photo sensor to control compressor

    There is a similar thread on Woodnet, but that one has already degenerated into petty bickering. I plan to soundproof the closet in my workshop and use it to house the DC and compressor. Of course, being out of sight, out of mind, I'm pretty sure that one day the compressor will come up in the...
  7. CarvedTones

    power carving - foot pedal versus dial for speed control

    I have a cheap import Foredom knock off hanging motor rotary carver. The foot pedal was basically junk, bet I reshaped the sheet metal so it wouldn't keep coming apart and I insulated it because it was delivering a minor shock at times (yeah, I know you get what you pay for). What makes that...
  8. NCTurner

    Remote Control DC on the Cheap

    Picked up a pack of these at Lowes for $19.99. 3 110v outlets with 1 remote control.
  9. AmishWarlord

    Control Cut on Craftssman Radial Arm Saw

    When I pull the trigger on the handle I can hear the motor turning but the saw is not moving. The carriage lock is free and the saw can be moved back and forth but the control cut is not engaging. I can't find any info on this in the owners manual. Is there a switch or knob I'm missing?
  10. erasmussen

    Out of control

    I got this bright idea, I would take my scrap (aka cut offs), not the expensive wood or one of a kind or funky wood, just the common stuff and make a few 6" throw away bowls, after all xmas is comming and who knows what else the might be good for.. I took every thing that could be ripped to 1"...
  11. Dusty Sawyer

    Variable Speed Control Question 1HP

    I'm looking for a way to add some kind of speed control to my existing Lathe. Right now I can run between 400 and 1600 RPM on my Powermatic Model 45 lathe which employes sheeves. In order to turn large items on the outboard I really need to get down to about 75 to 150 RPM to be safe. I've...
  12. Phil S

    humidity control question

    I store my wood under my house in a "crawl space" that is about 1500 sq ft with six foot headroom. I have the wood stored on racks above the dirt floor. It seems to be dry yet when I checked the wood today with moisture meter it showed 15 - 16%. What would be the best way to reduce this level...
  13. Glennbear

    Dust collection / Control

    Far too many months ago when I built my shop I constructed a closet to eventually house my compressor and DC. Today I finally finished the DC piping installation. The closet has an exterior metal foam core door with the weatherstripped side facing the closet interior for sound control...
  14. NCTurner

    Router speed control for Grinder?

    Has anybody ever put one of these on a grinder? Or can anyone see a reason why it wouldn't work? Seems like an inexpensive way for me to make my grinder a varible speed..:icon_scra
  15. Bigdog72

    Router Speed Control

    I am using a Freud FT2000 in my router table. This is an older model that doesn't have a speed control. Any one have any experience with the various speed controls available? I am considering the heavy duty one from MLCS like this one...
  16. Glennbear

    sander speed control

    I have a Hitachi combo belt/disc benchtop sander which I am highly pleased with especially since I got it at a close out price :gar-Bi Being one to never let a bargain slip by I have also acquired some used similar machines of lesser brands. There are times when I am sanding smaller pieces that...
  17. DavidF

    HF Lathe loose speed control

    Just a note to those of you that have the HF lathe with the swiveling headstock and variable speed. I was about the start turning yesterday and as I tried to slow the speed down there was a nasty noise from the head stock, increasing the speed did nothing. Opened up the cover and found the set...
  18. MT native

    DC Remote Control problem

    Last week I went to Ace Hardware and purchased the Heavy Duty Remote Control (the same one sold by ClearVue) I set it up for my Delta 50-760 and it worked beautifully about 6 times. Now I cannot get the remote...
  19. Joe Lyddon

    Remote Control Cabinet/Rack - quickie...

    I just added a Sketchup picture of what I just made... and explained it there also. It's in my Gallery... Nothing to write home about... But, it was Needed and was fun to make...
  20. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Dust Collector Remote Control

    I've seen several posts over the previous months about remote control for dust collectors. I can't seem to find the threads. I want to remote start my dust collector. Please give me advice, refer me to the threads or recommend a brand. I have two dust collectors, both 220V Deltas, one @ 1.5...

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