1. ScottM

    Super deal on a colt router

    Not connection These are real handy and at this price you can't beat the deal. I have bought several recon tools from CPO and NEVER had an issue.
  2. Tommy Smith

    Colt Maxicut Forstner Bits

    After frying my set of Wood River Forstner bits making a pepper mill from Honduran Rosewood I invested in a set of Colt Maxicuts. As would be expected the difference was night and day. They cut so well I couldn't believe how easily they were moving thru the blank, had to make myself go slow. I...
  3. ErnieM

    Bosch Colt bit centering

    Just picked up a Bosch Colt palm router - used it all day and it's a great little tool. The only problem I've found concerns the centering of the bit in the sub-base opening. It's far enough off center that it can easily be seen with naked (or dressed) eye. The manual says to loosen the four...
  4. S

    Recon Bosch Colt VS Palm Router Kit-CPO $70plus ship

    Bosch CPO Sale,default,pd.html?ref=em20110408
  5. WoodWrangler

    Colt MaxiCut Forstner Bits

    Man, I want some of these after watching this and hearing the guys at WC RAVE about them. Better save a few bucks ... they ain't cheap! <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  6. J

    Bosch Colt - $50

    Currently on RDU Craiglist
  7. J

    bosch colt router not mine, but I have one $129.00 very quiet and very effective. this one they ask $50.00
  8. Canuck

    Bosch Colt On Raleigh, CL

    Pretty good deal on a great little trim router if anyone is in the market. They usually go for around $119. (Link......... Bosch Colt Router practially new - $50 (N Raleigh) Date: 2009-12-04, 2:38PM EST Reply to: see below Like new. Used...
  9. Canuck

    Colt on Raleigh CL - $40

    Anyone out there looking to buy a Bosch Colt anytime soon? Great deal on Raleigh CL. Not mine.............. Bosch Colt variable speed 1.0HP trim router, model PR20EVS. 1.4 inch collett. Hard plastic case and four 1/4 shank bits included...
  10. J

    Bosch colt tool gloat

    I just received a pr20-evsk bosch colt variable speed router that i bought new on e-bay for $72.00. I had been wanting one and the price made me spring. Tried it out and boy is it quiet and smooth. Now i cant sleep. James
  11. S

    Bosch Colt Offset Router Jig

    Well, I finally got around to making something from the haul of plastic goods that Amy Dowden scored for some of us awhile back. It's an Offset Router plate/jig for the Bosch Colt(already broken in) : I don't think Bosch sells these, I know they have a router plate, but not an offset. There...
  12. DaveO

    Bosch takes care of their customers

    In my on-going saga of issues with the Bosch Colt I have received nothing but excellent customer service from them. Originally I had the spindle lock button strip out and with some sage advice found here I contacted Bosch and a spindle wrench showed up at my door Thread. Well then the spindle...
  13. DaveO

    Bosch Colt disappointment

    About 2 years ago I bought the highly recommended Bosch Colt. Loved it, it's very handy for a lot of little jobs very a bigger router is a pain to use. About a year later I started having problems with the spindle lock button. It seems to be a common problem. I found out that if you contacted...
  14. S

    Rockler's "Deal of Day" Bosch Colt $79.99 Free Shipping using this promo code: promotion code V9739 Bosch Colt Palm Router 1HP VS - Reconditioned Put power and precision in the palm of your hand! While it may look like a laminate trimmer, this compact (7-1/2" high) and lightweight (3.3 lbs.) router is more...
  15. S

    Colt Corraled at Eastwood Ranch-Gloat!

    Ordered on Bosch CPO's site yesterday Morning, and by 5pm today, VOILA! A new(refurb) colt in the Eastwood Ranch Corral! Need I Say more? Oh, It Happened! :eusa_danc HEE-HAW!
  16. S

    Bosch Colt - CPO Bosch $79.95

    Not MINE! (not yet,LOL) "Patience is a bitter pill, but often cures many ills" Chinese fortune cookie After researching and a failed attempt at purchasing used, I finally snagged one of these puppies:
  17. Larry Rose

    Colt acting like an a...

    I've got a Bosch Colt trim router that works great but changing bits gives me a fit. The little red button that is supposed to lock the shaft so one can loosen the collet is hard for me to hold in place and loosen the collet at the same time. I have a problem with arthritis in my hands. It's a...
  18. Nativespec

    Free Colt Router w/Purchase of Jig Saw

    Not a bad deal: David
  19. Nativespec

    Bosch Colt Varialble Palm Router

    Does anyone have one of these? sells it for $117 delivered. For $80 more you can get the "installers kit" that includes various basis and and guides-is this optional stuff useful for furniture making? COLT PALM ROUTER INSTALLERS KIT
  20. Larry Rose

    Bosch Colt

    I have Bosch Colt palm router that has a nasty habit changing the depth of cut while running.:BangHead: It drops slightly as it is being used. I've tightened the clamp nut and have the router in the right position in the base (I think). Has anybody had this experience or got any ideas...

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