1. R

    For Sale - Narex chisels - 6 piece set

    I just got a set of 8 Stanley sweetheart chisels and no longer need these. They are in good shape and did not see a ton of use. The backs have already been flattened on the first 1” or so and just sharpened them so are good to go out of the box. The 20 mm does have a very small chip in one...
  2. Grit12Gauge

    New Chisel Sharpening?

    New to woodworking and just received my first set of chisels. I purchased a 4 piece Stanley sweetheart set. They are relatively sharp out of the box, but am I suppose to flatten the back and sharpen these chisels as soon as I get them?
  3. German_Paring_Chisel_2_resized


  4. German_Paring_Chisel_1_resized


  5. T

    4 lathe chisel sets for disscusion

    Sorry for starting a new thread but hopefully other will find it helpful Looking at 4 different sets of tools for the lathe for my first set.... I wish I could afford carbide tools but I figure I will be ok getting a basic set also to start... option #1 $74.99 HSS WOOD LATHE CHISEL SET...
  6. froglips

    3 1/2 inch Bi-Metal Chisel 50% off

    If you happen to be near Woodworkers Supply in Graham, they got a deal and a half (get it, half is 50%.....) Bi-Metal Chisels - 2" The 3 1/2 inch is normally $23, on sale for $12 Box was on the counter...
  7. M

    PSI Mini Lathe Chisel set

    Well, for the price I wasn't expecting much and I wasn't disappointed. In case you can't see, each chisel is skewed (ha!) to a greater or lesser extent. I mean, that top gouge is off so much it is almost laughable. Not sure what to do - Amazon is very good about accepting returns but...
  8. Rhythm House Drums

    New Lathe, New Chisel - tear out?

    So almost my first time turning an hour ago. Thanks to a friend I found through this site I've been able to play on his a few times, but it's different when you're alone and just got the thing set up, and you're toughing it out even though its 30 deg. in the shop... Anyhow, Overall good...
  9. Chisel Bite

    Chisel Bite

    Chisel Bite - Just in case there was any doubt.
  10. Tormek chisel skew

    Tormek chisel skew

    Tormek chisel skew
  11. M

    Chisel Bite... Ouch

    Well, Saturday night, I was working on a small desk for my oldest daughter. Things were going pretty well. I was working on a side panel stile, squaring up the corner. Of course it was on the last stile. For various reasons, probably including a momentary laps of reason, the work piece moved any...
  12. Tarhead

    Narex Chisel Deal

    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICES on Narex® Classic Bevel-Edge Chisel Sets. Introductory prices until August 8, 2011.,41504&p=67707
  13. F

    Best way to flatten a chisel with a concave back?

    So i'm really just beginning to get into hand tools; got my first set of chisels for christmas and i've only now begun to sharpen/hone them. Anyways, i received a set of Stanley chisels (this line...
  14. F

    3-Piece Pen Chisel Set - $16.99 Friday Sale at Amazon Not a turner, so not sure if this is a good deal. Checking around...
  15. C

    chisel sharpening info

    Can someone give me a rough starting angle to sharpen my chisels. I have a ws3000 for most things and a 6"grinder with a home made jig for the gouges. rough gouge spindle gouge bowl gouge thanks chester :wconfused:
  16. eyekode

    Chisel rack take 2

    A couple months ago I made a rack for holding some of my most used hand tools: This Christmas I was given the set of Narex mortise chisels that Lee Valley had a special on. I really like those chisels!!! Anyway I needed to put them within...
  17. GarageWoodworks

    Chisel Plane (DIY)

    I recently made a chisel plane from scrap wood and a chisel. It can be used as a shoulder plane or a chisel plane. I hope you guys like it and find it useful. Comments welcomed. :wsmile: 5zNaAgB5aEs
  18. Dovetail Chisel

    Dovetail Chisel

    Dovetail Chisel
  19. M

    Chisel sticker shock !

    After slumming at the local woodworking store and coming away with sticker shock at the price of chisels, I decided to try making a few. I don't have a fancy metal working tools, just bench and hand grinders, belt sander, plasma torch and hand tools. All material was laying aroun the shop (...
  20. froglips

    Quandary & Conundrum: flatten back of a chisel

    I'm an a mental (and somewhat physical) impasse, so I thought clearer minds and those not as close to the situation could tip the scale of a decision. I have a 2" wide 7" long blade timber framing chisel. Here is where I'm at...... It was bent, likely from being beaten upon. If I...

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