1. Hook

    This blade changing mechanism has GOT to change

    Spend some time working on a lighthouse clock and got tired of struggling with changing blades on my Delta SS350. So I switched projects. Pattern courtesy of SSW&C
  2. merrill77

    How much work to change cutterhead in planer?

    I've got a Woodtek 15" planer: which looks like a DC-380 clone, but I'm not sure how close they are. How long do you think it would take a novice to take it out and put it back in? By novice I mean I've never...
  3. R

    User name change

    I just registered but spelled my user name differently than planned. How can I change it. Thanks, Jeff
  4. ScottM

    A major life change

    I will share the specific here only as I do not want to start a thread that will go down hill. Today the IBM gods decided to include me in the latest round of resource actions. That is the way IBM refers to lay-offs. As I am retirement eligible I will be in pretty good shape. The timing...
  5. MrAudio815

    Power Tool Gloat~! & how to change the head?

    Merry Christmas NCWW's, I just wanted to make it official: I got the G0490, it's a monster~! :gar-Bi Got the G0490 before I got the Shelix cutterhead? :banana: But how in the heck do I change it out? Here are some pictures of it getting put together/Cleaned up. PS WD40 works like a champ...
  6. SteveColes

    IPAD - Please change

    Not sure if I am reporting a bug or making a suggestion or requesting a functional change.:gar-La; If I understand correctly, the detection algorithm seems to detect the iPad and force the cordless style. There isn't a way to force it back to Classic. I have gotten the habit of using my...
  7. AmishWarlord

    How to change my fourm info

    I've moved how to a change my city on the info page? I tried edit details but that didn't let me change my home city.
  8. TracyP

    Have we announced the treasurer change?

    I may have missed it, but if we haven't, we need to announce that Joe is the new treasurer to the general forum membership.
  9. NCTurner

    DW733 Blade Change?

    Anyone have any tips, tricks, or notes from T&E to share?
  10. CatButler

    Name change

    Hi, When I signed up I didn't realize there was already an account "Bryan S". To avoid confusion, I would like to change my screen name. Is it possible?
  11. TracyP

    Raffle Ticket Purchase Change URGENT

    Rick DiNardo has offered to help with the raffle dilemma involving Google and Paypal. For the remainder of the Raffle, tickets will be available at his online store. Simply click on the Woodworking Source Ad on the right side of the page and the Raffle ticket purchase will be on the first...
  12. Mark Stewart

    change bowls for Scotland

    The wife is going home to visit her folks in Scotland on the fifth of april, so I have made a couple of change bowls fone for my brother in law and one for one of my sister in laws the one on the left is pear and the one on the right is apple both came from the sawmill(thanks Chris and Kyle)...
  13. froglips

    Change to Classified Forums......

    In preparation for adding our NCWW Mobile, we are disabling a feature that most of you may not even know :-) There was a Forum called "vbClassified". It was one way to view classified ad's. View image in gallery We have the lovely left hand column for ad's and a forum in "Tools...
  14. ScottM

    We can't hash out a plan and then change on a fly

    I sent this to all of you via PM but it is better to discuss here.... Yes we are all up tight about this. It is not fun or easy even if you do not like Jeff as a person. But we spent two hours hashing out a plan including what we would do and by whom only to change it mid stream and without...
  15. Gotcha6

    An easy one for a change....

    Does anybody else feel this wonderful thread would be better suited in another forum?
  16. S

    motor shaft change with Reeves drive

    Hi all, I need to find out if it is possible to get an adapter or do whatever I have to do to switch a lame Harbor Fright Chinese motor with a really nice Baldor motor I have. The sticking point is that the original HF motor has about a 4" long shaft (5/8") which it appears to fully need for...
  17. WoodWrangler

    Time of Change

    I've been taking my stab at the software business for the past 5 years, but that all ended today :eusa_hand. Details aside, it's been coming and effective Feb 1 became reality. In my heart it is accepted, but my stomach is still very empty. Not sure what to do with myself yet :eusa_thin, but...
  18. SawBuck

    How do you change the order of images in your gallery?

    I would like to changed the order that images appear in the gallery to illustrate a process. Thanks! Lonnie
  19. Mark Stewart

    How do I change my avitar

    Can some one shed some light on how I can change my Avitar. I have looked but came up empty. Thanks Mark
  20. froglips

    Site Change: Combine forums....

    In an ongoing effort to tweak the site, we would like to combine a few forums. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of Forums and make them easier to choose where you'd like to post. These Forums are either under utilized or overlap closely with others. 1. Combine "How To" Forum and...

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