1. redhawknc1

    Cutting Boards Finished.....

    Finally finished 2 cutting boards that I've been working on. One is Purple heart and hard maple, the other scraps (poplar?). The Performax 16-32 was a lot of help on this project! Ship these off to my two daughters and make me one later. Future yard sale items I bet! Now, starting on a chisel...
  2. alleng

    tapering boards

    i need to taper a board from 3'' to 2.5'' .what method would yall recomend?ive read about using a jointer ,but its a little unclear.i made a taper jig forthe tablesaw,but it realy only works one sided.i guess i could make one oppisite.or could i utilize the router table. this onre has me a...
  3. bpeterso

    Use somebody's jointer for a few boards in Pineville area?

    My jointer connection has fell through, as it looks like the person down the street from me no longer has their jointer anymore. I'm creating a baby crib for my upcoming newborn, and I need to work fast. Can anyone spare a weekend afternoon and help me joint approximately 21 board feet of 8/4...
  4. scsmith42

    Loonnngg boards!

    I've been remodeling an old farmhouse on one corner of my property, and am recovering the outside with board and batten siding combined with live-edge siding under the eaves. All of the siding has been kiln dried. I am planing all of my siding; this past weekend we planed over 5000 square feet...
  5. T

    Cutting boards (thanks DaveO)

    I stole borrowed the idea from DaveO. He failed to mention what a complete pain in the burl these are to make. Very time consuming too. I have done a total of 3 glue-ups. I used maple and cherry with 1/16" walnut strips between. I have to take them out of the clamps, run them through the...
  6. jonnyfontaine

    trying to find the few QS boards in a mtn. of FS

    hi... with the projects i do, i pretty much exclusively use quarter sawn wood, and most of the lumber yards i get the wood only carry flat sawn wood in the species i am looking for, so i end up spending a good amount of time digging through boards looking at the end grain to find the few pieces...
  7. T

    need someone to come out and make boards outa trees

    Hey, I have a friend that is getting a Black Walnut tree cut down in Garner. He wants to make boards out of it. If any of you can do this or know someone who may be interested in this, could you please contact me ASAP? Thanks Tony ... 919-624-1489
  8. scsmith42

    Some GORGEOUS QSWO bookmatched Crotch boards!

    Check this out: for twenty-nine bucks??? Somebody needs to jump on this one. Scott
  9. Arguseyed

    Planing old PT boards?

    I guess this is sort of woodworking. Would there be any problem in removing the pressure treated decking boards that make up my front steps and run them through my planer (Dewalt 733) ? There about 5 years old and have been pressure washed every year and re-sealed with Cabots, but they're...
  10. scsmith42

    Need any boards kiln dried???

    Hi all. As most of the picnic attendees know, I have a commercial wood drying kiln (dehumidification type) that I have used for the past several years. It is a good sized kiln, and depending upon the species I dry up to 4000 bd feet per load. During the past few weeks I have received calls...
  11. golfdad

    Cutting Boards

    Can I put a top coat on some cutting boards I made? Used two coats of OIL thinnedabout 30% Can you put poly or similar on or is that not the norm for contact with food
  12. Ken Massingale

    Yet More Cutting Boards

    (Many thanks to DaveO for his tutorial for his boards, which inspired me to try these.) :icon_thum Or, since these are long grain instead of end grain, cheese/serving boards. Glue up 2 (or more, an even number) of contrasting woods to have blanks about 12" by 15". After the glue dries...
  13. DaveO

    More serving boards

    Working on Xmas presents already...because I have to have some ready to exchange at Thanksgiving. I made a couple more of my "free-form" style serving boards. This time in Bloodwood and Purpleheart with Maple striping. They are unfinished. I "finished" them with Micromesh on my ROS that...
  14. DaveO

    Trio of cutting boards

    I got a commision. One cutting board to commemerate a graduation (a year ago) and two to be purchased to give as gifts. Here's todays labor...a trio of cutting boards They have all just been coated with their first coat of mineral oil and it's not liking the flash. But you get the...
  15. Arcrist

    Selling boards

    Im selling my stockpile of wood boards. I have a few boards of sassafras and ash. 1 black walnut board, atleast 2 half inch figured cherry boards, and some other stuff like poplar and pine. Im willing to sell it all as one unit for $30 bucks. You can see pics at I...
  16. DaveO

    Cutting chamfers on T & G boards

    I am going to do a bit of tongue and groove work on this tea house that I am making. I have a 1/4" slot cutting bit and the tongue will be done with a straight bit and fence. I would like to put a little chamfer where the joints come together. I know I could do it with a block plane, but I have...
  17. kota62

    Jointing Boards

    Learned this long ago, realised that i knew better today :lol: When jointing 2 or more boards that I will edge glue together I first mark a triangle for alignment. When i joint them, I joint one "face up" to the jointer fence, the next "face down" to the fence. the logic of this is that you can...
  18. DavidF

    shooting boards

    I was just taking a look at insomniacs site and wondered how many of you have built and used these, along with donkeys ears as well - personally, I love them, I like the crisp edge that shooting end grain with a plane gives.

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