1. S

    Wide Boards

    Today I picked up from a very generous neighbor approximately 118 bd ft of black walnut, 7 ft length, 5/4 thick and 216 bd ft of white oak, 8 ft length, 3/4 thick. :gar-La; Some of these boards are 18 inches wide, no knots. It has been stacked with 1" spacers between each layer in his barn...
  2. WoodWrangler

    First Cutting Boards

    When I got into woodworking a few years ago I jumped in and skipped many of the skill building exercises and 'standard' projects ... like cutting boards. I've probably suffered for skipping those foundation building projects, but I'm making up for them around the holidays! These are the...
  3. Ralrick

    Plywood Target Boards

    A friend here in Hillsborough, NC is the inventor of the PhD flying Disc. He is looking for someone to mass produce a target board that can be used with the game. Looking for low cost, mass production. Fairly low level at first but may expand later. I know many of...
  4. S

    Oak Plywood - 1x2x11' Boards More!! - $35 (Apex)

    Not mine! Oak Plywood - 1x2x11' Boards More!! - $35 (Apex) Date: 2009-08-23, 12:41PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] ____________________________Todays Prices !!______MY PRICES ...
  5. Bigdog72

    Cutting Boards Part 2

    I am going to make some end grain cutting boards for Xmas using the "Wood Whisperer" method. I plan on using a combination of soft maple and cherry (this will be aesthetically pleasing according to some). I am asking for comments from those that have made cutting boards through the years so...
  6. Bigdog72

    Cutting boards

    I want to make some end grain cutting boards for Xmas gifts. I plan to use soft maple and cherry. Is this combination OK?
  7. C

    113bf bundle 4/4 Afr. Mahogany - WIDE boards

    113bf Afr. Mahogany 4/4 - kiln dried, surfaced 15/16, Select - all btw 14"-18" - $450.00 Shoot us an email for photos All kinds of other hardwoods available also! Great low prices - delivery available Give Bill or Gwen a call 864 325 9965 Carolina Lumber Sourcing
  8. PChristy

    4/4 Oak Boards?

    I have had some 4/4 Oak boards under our deck drying since last November that I got from a local saw mill to do some trimming in our kitchen. What would be the best way to be sure that I do not have any problems in the future with it cracking/splitting/moving -etc - I do not have a meter and do...
  9. nelsone

    Making boards!

    I am starting a new project and thought I'd share what I've done so far. Dennis (Gotcha6) was kind enough to let me gain some red oak from his mis-fortune. (Thanks Dennis!!! I started splitting the log. Riven boards. I really need a froe and I think I have a line on one at a great price...
  10. scsmith42

    Free old growth pine boards

    My neighbor is in the process of remodeling a farmhouse that was built around 1890. I scavenged around 15 boards out of his dump pile, along with an old mantle, that date back from when the house was built. They are heart pine, between 6" - 12" in width, and lenghs of 5 - 8 feet. Some of...
  11. flatheadfisher

    Made Some Cutting Boards

    After the kitchen, it was nice to make some things that didn't take months to complete. I used the dado blade on the table saw to make the handles. I liked that better than using the router. On the last one, I hogged out more wood to make it lighter - I thought that would be easier for the...
  12. Jay

    firewood to boards

    A friend of mine came across some cedar that someone had cut up into pieces about the size of firewood. It is green wood and he asked me if I wanted any of it since he knew I do some woodworking. I have a newly acquired 14 inch bandsaw with a six inch riser so I thought about cutting it up...
  13. H

    cutting boards

    Besides the old favorites can mahogany (only end grain), bloodwood and bubinga be used for end grain cutting boards or bread boards. Concerned about toxicity. Finish is mineral oil. Thanks.
  14. flatheadfisher

    Planing Colorful Cutting Boards

    I used the hand plane some panels I made to make some "patchwork quilt" cutting boards out of. I really enjoy making long thin curls come off of the plane. The walnut is my favorite but these panels had seven other species of wood in them. One piece of hard maple was really a pain because of...
  15. 6

    Where to buy rough cut boards (pine/utility?)

    I am installing a ceiling for a basement and am looking for some rough cut boards. I am looking for cheap and rustic. Looking for... Amount: 1500 square feet (includes 30% extra) Type: Pine is fine (and I believe the cheapest), but I am open Width: varying Length: varying Thickness...
  16. rick7938

    Cutting Groove in Cutting Boards

    I am starting my annual Christmas projects. This year I am making hard maple cutting boards with cherry trim. The trim consists of splines of cherry pegged into grooves at the end of the butcher blocks. One is flush with the end of the cutting board; the other has a finger or hanging hole in it...
  17. W

    Removal of Finishing from Cherry Boards- Help

    I have a few cherry boards which have been finished. I want to remove the finish. What is the best way of doing it? I tried drum sanding. It didn't work. The finish filled the sand paper quickly causing burn to cherry. I don't want to use planer either. It will plane the boards too thin:gar-Cr...
  18. T

    Killing powderpost beetles in small boards

    I found piles of sawdust on a couple of small pieces of red oak i have. Is there an easy way to kill any remaining beetles? They are small enough to stick in the microwave or oven, though i don't really want to be running the oven for 48 hours. Can i do a higher temperature for a shorter...
  19. jonnyfontaine

    wide boards need jointer and resaw

    hi... i am looking to get a 15/16" thick x 8" wide x 20" long board of curly maple resawn into two 1/4" boards and one 3/16" veneer (if possible) and also 2, 2" thick x 7" wide x 19" long boards of mahogany resawn to get an 3/16" veneer from each, and then have the mahogany and 1/4" thick curly...
  20. jonnyfontaine

    how to properly joint two boards with hand planes

    what's the proper technique for edge jointing two 8/4 boards with a hand plane? the widest plane iron i have is 2" with a slight crown, or camber to it... would this work or is it best to have a squared iron? i've jointed boards that when clamped together were still thinner than 2" but i'm not...

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