1. jaustin

    need some 12" wide boards

    Looking for a couple 12 " wideboards oak boards. Prefer kiln dried.
  2. optimist

    can bowed boards be salvaged

    I'm getting ready to glue up a tabletop from cherry. I have some nice straight, but boring, cherry and some really purty figured cherry that's less than straight. It'll be a large top (7.5' diameter) and 1" thick. I plan on ripping each piece to approx 3" widths. Is it possible to use the...
  3. more boards

    more boards

    This one was a bear. Fortunately, patience paid off although the labor was intensive.
  4. more boards

    more boards

    Cutting Board
  5. more boards

    more boards

    Cutting Board
  6. P

    For sale-- Sycamore and Red Cedar boards

    Hey folks, I'm selling some Red Cedar as well as Sycamore boards. The Cedar has few tight knots, planed and very straight. RED CEDAR (700 bf) 4/4'' thickness 4 - 8'' width 4 - 8' length $2 per board foot SYCAMORE (+/- 3,000 bf) 5/8 -3'' thickness 6 -18'' width 9' length $2 each Please...
  7. mshel

    Replacing deck boards

    In the next couple of weeks I want to replace my deck boards and since I have never done this before, I hope some members will weigh in and give me some pointers. I will remove the original two byes and replace them with 5/4 treated boards. Wish I could afford the trex stuff but at about 30...
  8. CarvedTones

    Grrr-Ripper ordered! (safest way to rip thin strip off small boards)

    UPDATE - OK, you don't have to beat me with a 2x4; well, not that many times... :rotflm: I was swayed by the consensus and the missus even jumped on board for an immediate purchase when she heard it was a safety device that I was making do without. I just got a bunch of spindle blanks that...
  9. DSC_00512


  10. DSC_00471


  11. DSC_0044


  12. DSC_0040


  13. A

    Bourbon boards

    Hi Guys, New to the forum and new to North Carolina for that matter, just moved here on a job promotion from Chicago. Loving the weather guys, i mean come on, how can anybody complain about anything when it's sunny and warm this time a year :-) To add a little, i love wood working and have...
  14. N

    Pack ratting boards & cutoffs.

    Has anyone else looked at their wood pile and realized that they are a pack rat when it comes to boards and cut offs? I'm getting rid of my current wood shelves to move to a vertical storage system to save some space and I realized that I've been a pack rat when it comes to wood. Rather than...
  15. Kyle

    plastic versus wood on cutting boards

    wood is safer..
  16. J

    Exterior fascia and facer boards

    I'm having some work done here that'll require replacing some of the above (title). The gutter guys primed their fascia board with Zinnser Spray on INTERIOR primer. Why that for exterior apps? Is it ok? Their boss man had them pressured to do the job in one day (because he dropped his ball in...
  17. T

    When is veneering just gluing two boards together? (Plus teaser pics!)

    Hey All, I'm rebuilding the stairs in our house. Typical story... used to be carpeted, now working on hardwood treads install. I'm using handmade Brazilian cherry (jatoba) as it matches the floors I put down a few years ago. Wife now says that she would like Jatoba risers too, not white...
  18. S

    Cutting and sanding large masonite boards?

    Hi all, I've been struggling to figure out how to cut some 4'x4' masonite panels to smaller sizes and sand the edges down so that they can be primed and used as painting canvases (up to 12"x12" and as small as 3"x3"). I've been using a standard table saw and hand sander, but it takes forever...
  19. H

    2x4 Oak Boards

    Where can I find some 2x4 oak boards in the charlotte area?
  20. Nine boards

    Nine boards

    Nine boards cut from the cant before off loading (Walnut)

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