1. SteveColes

    Photo Upload, FIXED - I hope :-)

    I've been testing most of the day, and I feel that the primary Photo Upload issues that were a result of the server upgrade are now under control (fixed). I just, as a final test. uploaded and processed six 5 MB photos and all was well. So at this point, please go ahead and start uploading...
  2. SteveColes

    Finished - Photo Upload -Just Ignore

    I have to change the way photos uploaded probably just for a few minutes. This is necessary as fault isolation step.
  3. J

    Picture upload error 500

    Tried to upload 3 pics to my Gallery. Received an "upload error 500" message. Site problems or have I done something wrong? Thanks. Jeff
  4. merrill77

    photo upload error

    I'm getting errors uploading some files to my photo gallery. I've tried multiple files. I tried logging out and back in. No joy :( Here is one of the errors I got:
  5. Canuck

    Photo Upload Issues

    Just tried to upload a photo to one of my albums and received the following error message.... Upload Error 500 Tried several times and received same issue?:gar-Cr Thanks Wayne
  6. cskipper

    Upload pattern to Download library

    I created some lighthouse ornament patterns for folks to use for Project Rudolph. These are only supplied as a suggestion because I'm sure I am not the only member who doesn't do well with "make any ornament" directions so I don't make any. I have the jpeg in my photo's and attached to a post...
  7. ChrisMathes

    upload pix

    Hey All...was trying to upload a pic tonight, but had numerous issues. Can you please check and make sure that I haven't lost access to my gallery since I've been idle for a bit, now!?!? Thanks for all you do...still love ncww.net!!!!:occasion1
  8. FredP

    upload pics not working

    are there site updates going on? I get server error when trying to upload pics to my gallery.:gar-Cr thee error says " server [IO] error mike davis posted the pics in a thread but I cant get them to upload to my gallery. I have not had any problems with this in recent memory. HELP!!!!!
  9. merrill77

    can't upload photos

    I get an error message when trying to upload a photo. The diagnostic report from the bottom of the page is included below. My apologies if this is a known issue related to the recent outage and I've missed the news :)
  10. woodArtz

    Errpr message when attempting to upload pics

    I receive this message when attempting to upload a picture. Sorry, you don't have permission to upload photos.
  11. davejones

    Can't upload photos

    I am unable to upload any photos, getting a Server IO error. There is also some debug info at the bottom of the page that is not normally there. Browser info: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3
  12. cskipper

    May I upload Olson's blade chart?

    Olson blades has a two page guide on different types of blades, the drill bit size needed, the best use.... It is obviously their chart, but is still a good reference. I am sure it came with one of the scroll saw magazines, I know I never bought it. May I upload it somewhere other than my gallery?
  13. William Roscoe

    Pictures upload

    I've been trying to upload a picture of my lathe for the classifieds and after I browse and pick the picture and open the file, nothing happens. Shouldn't I see a picture or does that first appear at the end. Also what size pictue should I upload?
  14. johnpipe108

    Photo upload seems to be broken!

    Evidently there has been a software upgrade,and not a good one! The upload page interface has been changed, and is more awkward to use. Site response seems to have slowed down! The "photo processing page" following the upload doesn't even show up! After entering upload, the site software takes...
  15. scsmith42

    Can't find my most recent photo upload

    This morning (between 10:30 - 11:30) I uploaded several photo's, I thought to my QSO gallery. However, I can't seem to find them. These were photo's of the shop progress, as well as several North Carolina Woodworker members that had stopped by over the past several weeks? Any ideas...
  16. froglips

    Photo upload selection for Linux users......

    The new flash uploader works like a charm! Only issue I found was upper case filenames. FILENAME.JPG files are not seen, whereas FILENAME.jpg is seen in the file selection window. Odds are its a Linux user issue, which probably only affect me and ashley_phil :-) I'll work on this one...
  17. S

    Unable to upload pics

    Using same camera, computer, etc... nothings changed. Getting upload error message #404 Me or Site? Thanks
  18. farmerbw

    Pic upload issues

    I give up. I've been trying since Friday to upload some pics and every time I try the upload page only has "Updating Software" on it. It seems other folks are able to upload pics since I see a lot of new posts have them. Is this still due to the updates and if so how is it working for...
  19. PChristy

    (update)Can't upload Pixs

    I have tried four different times to upload some pixs - three times in IE and once in FF - First time in IE it went through the "upload processing" and then it told me that "IE can not open this page" the other two times it didn't even make it that far - In FF it never would finish the...
  20. woodArtz

    File Upload not working

    I'm trying to upload a doc and the link come back as page not found.

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