1. medicfirefighter2005


    Just a little tip on recycling old Computer Hard-Drive's, they contain rare earth magnets which are really strong. If you take the old drives apart and remove the magnets they are attached to metal brackets that can screwed into workbenches tables etc. to keep tools in ready access I have one...
  2. RoadRunner

    Unable to access Tips & Tricks

    Going to: Forum >> Tools, Equuipment & Techniques >> Tips & Tricks results in a message indicating I am not authorized to access. Is this an error or must I request the ability to gain access? BTW I am enjoying the site and reading the posts.... Thanks, Henri
  3. pviser

    tips and tricks

    I do not understand why I was denied access to "Tips and Tricks" forum within "Tools, Equipment, and Techniques." Please explain, as I am still trying to learn my way around NC Woodworkers web site. Thank you.
  4. froglips

    Search Tips and Tricks

    Big thanks to Mike (sushinutnc) for sharing this great guide! Fulltext Boolean Search Operators and Syntax for vBulletin * + A leading plus sign indicates that this word must be present in each row that is returned. * - A leading minus sign indicates that this word must not be...
  5. Cato

    Tips and Tricks

    I was surfing through some of the other forum topics and when I tried Tips and Tricks I was not allowed access. How do I access the the Tips and Tricks forum?
  6. mgoins

    Wire Stripping - anyone have any tricks?

    Completed a house rewire last winter & have several hundred feet of old wire that was pulled out. I’d like to strip & sell it to supplement the tool fund. With copper prices being so high, it seems that now’s the time to sell it. Problem is: most of it is 1930’s BX armored – 2-wire –...
  7. J

    tools & equipment, tips & tricks

    what is going on. it says I am not authorized to view tips & tricks?
  8. christopheralan

    So what kinds of tips and tricks do you have for a folding rule?

    So I just got a new folding rule after thinking about it for months. What can you tell me about tips, tricks, uses, do's and dont's? I am eager to know. Thanks!
  9. S

    Finger Joint Bit- How to use,Tips,Tricks

    I want to learn how to use a finger joint bit. I cant post pic (site updates) of bit. But is non-adjustable finger type. I am extending my workbench and want to use cuttoffs, accomplish. Any tips, hints, etc.... Please, thank you! Matt
  10. wdkits1

    Intarsia 101 Tips and Tricks

    Thia photo shows one of the tricks to use when working with small pieces. If I have lots of pieces that have to be precisely placed together it is best to arrange them on the pattern as they are shaped and sanded and glue them together to form a larger unit. I start by taping clear plastic wrap...
  11. rick7938

    Pipe Clamp Tips and Tricks

    Although I would love to have a shop full of parallel clarmps, my budget only allows me to have a variety of pipe clamps. They work pretty well, but they do not always clamp with the jaws parallel, so they can deflect material glue-ups such as solid panels and mortise and tenon joints such that...
  12. Canuck

    Hinge/Door Mounting Tricks?

    Hi all, I am about to mount doors to some wall cabinets I have been working on. The cabinets all have face frames with one large door on the left, with a middle stile and then two narrower doors on the right. I elected to go with overlay 3/8” inset hinges. One side of the hinge will attach to...
  13. RandyJ

    Black Palm tricks anyone?

    Ok all you turning experts..I'm trying to turn some black palm pens but having problems with splintering, chunks flying, and in one case the entire blank popping off the tube:slap:. I got the other half of the pen somewhat done:new_shock but it has divots or little holes on the surface. Anyone...
  14. Dick

    Old dog new tricks

    Hi everybody!! Retired from heavy construction back in 91, Sold everything and moved aboard a 40' sailboat. Spent the next ten years crusing the intracoastal waterway. Ended up in the little fishing village of Oriental, N.C. where we built a small cabin and workshop. Woodworking is a new hobbie...
  15. J

    Woodshop Tips and Tricks

    I thought it may be fun, not to mention helpful, to start a thread to share some tips and tricks that make life a little easier in the shop and maybe to help each other save a little cash here and there. Here's one... My wife and I get several credit card offers every week. I have enough...

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