1. E

    local curved plywood suppliers?

    Has anyone come across a local (NC) supplier of 1/2 or 1/4 round curved plywood. I'm looking for 12" radius 5/8 - 1/2" thick. Edit: here is a non-local supplier of what I'm looking for
  2. rex1927

    Need eastern red cedar supplier in S.C.

    HI,I need a supplier of eastern red cedar in coastal south carolina. I stay in myrtle beach S.C. area. I need at least 20-1X6X8 now. Will buy a lot more if price is good. I can plane lumber myself if you just rough cut it,just need it to be thick enough that it will clear up at 3/4 or 5/8 inch...
  3. BKind2Anmls

    Metal Supplier between Columbia and Charlotte?

    A few years ago we bought some metal roofing/siding from a supplier who had great prices because they fabricated it themselves and sold it to retail merchants. I can't find any paperwork and I don't remember the name of the company. I believe it was between Charlotte and Columbia on the west...
  4. b4man

    New Lumber Supplier in GSO

    Yesterday at lunch Steve Honeycutt and Bill Clemmons introduced a new to us supplier of wood called Musser. They spoke to the receptionist and got info on the company. It was discussed that maybe we could solicit ads, membership, lumber runs, etc. Someone interjected the possibility of offending...
  5. Tarhead

    New Lumber Supplier in Asheville

    The Boggs Collective has added a woodshed to their business. Sounds like they have made some great connections. How cool would it be to say "The wood in your chair came from a Maple on the Biltmore Estate." ? "TBC...
  6. U

    Appalachian Cherry supplier

    Soon I am going to replace at home the inside trims for 20 windows and 7 doors. Others windows have already been replaced in the house and for the trims I used Appalachian cherry . Anyone has suggestion for a cherry wood source already dressed in the Hickory area? Most of the trim design is...
  7. C

    Where can i find a component supplier

    I am looking for more suppliers for closet componets in Charlotte, if anyone knows anyone who has a cnc and does this i would apprciate it. Thank you,
  8. ebarr

    anyone know of an acrylic supplier in RTP area

    i am specifically looking for 1 1/2 acrylic rod. would love to find a local place to purchase.
  9. L

    Juniper supplier in Edenton

    A carver I met briefly mentioned he was getting good juniper from a mill either in Edenton or Elizabeth City, I cannot remember which and I did not get around to asking him who it was. Does anybody know a mill in either town that handles Juniper? Anybody know any current inventory here in NC? I...
  10. J

    Wide ash supplier?

    I want to build the blanket chest featured in last months Fine Woodworking. It has 5/4x10" ash panels and the top is a one piece 5/4 x16"x4'. I have called around 5 various suppliers including The Hardwood Store and have not found it yet. I may have to do a glue up for the top, but I do not have...
  11. zapdafish

    possibly a sawyer or wood supplier to add to our list?

    havent used this place myself, just saw it while browsing
  12. Jerome B

    posted a new wood supplier

    I just posted a new wood supplier. Doug Robbins down in Goldston (919.542.6632). He specializes in cedar. He usually carries quite a bit of bead board and rough cut. I'm heading down there sometime this week to get some 10" wide boards for raised panels.:gar-Bi Jerome Bias Mebane, NC
  13. V

    Rolesville wood supplier off CL?

    Anyone have any interactions with this seller?
  14. mkepke

    Supplier for Compost ?

    Any recommendations for a supplier that can deliver finished compost to south Wake ? Preferably someone that can deliver a divided load. I need something around 8 yards of compost and 3 of mulch. I really have no idea who has "good" compost, but like all things I expect there is good and...
  15. A

    Carpet Supplier Univ Area Charlotte

    We bought our house 6 years ago. Got the dog a few days later and now have a 2-1/2 yr old and baby. Needless to say we need new carpet in the living room and will probably do the whole down stairs. We want some really good actually stain resistant true high traffice stuff. Not what the...
  16. walnutjerry

    Recently Found Wood Supplier

    I just recently found out about a lumber supplier in Greensboro, NC.:eusa_danc Century Forest Products, Inc.---------KD solid lumber and sheet goods. They did allow me to pick from the stack to get what I needed to minimize waste.:eusa_clap No web site (that I know of) but I did list them on...
  17. rick7938

    Wood Supplier List?

    Didn't there use to be a list of wood suppliers by region of the state on the website? Either it's gone or I can't find it. I am looking for some 4/4 and 8/4 poplar for some paint grade projects. Any suggestions in the Fayetteville area? If not, I am willing to drive to get the 8/4 stock...
  18. T

    turning wood supplier

    I have looked through the lumber supplier list but see very little in the way of turning stock. Has anyone found a good turning wood supplier within reasonable driving distance of Charlotte (over night might be OK also) or that ships? I am especially interested in larger bowl and platter-type...
  19. Splinter

    Another Wood Supplier

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this but here goes. World Timber Corporation of Hubert NC (East of Jacksonville) is a supplier of exotic lumber in eastern NC. Web site -- I bought most of the maple that I used to build my kitchen...
  20. C

    Lumber supplier

    Has anyone out there ever been to this lumber dealer? They are in Zebulon. I've been meaning to stop by there one of these days, but just never found the time.

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