1. Rocker


    wormy maple and cherry "hall" table for narrow hall.
  2. Rocker


    My first rocker. I used Charles Brock's plans.
  3. William Roscoe

    Sam Maloof Rocker

    This was my second attempt. Made from a maple I cut about 3 yrs. ago. !/3 Tung oil, 1/3 BLO, 1/3 varnish. The last coat replaced the varnish in the mixture with bees wax. Took a lot of elbow grease to rub out that wax! View image in gallery
  4. Maloof Style Rocker

    Maloof Style Rocker

    Cherry - Maple Accents
  5. Maple Rocker

    Maple Rocker

    Maple Rocker
  6. Bigdog72

    Rocker plans

    Looking for plans for a straight backed rocker for the porch. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. Small Rocker

    Small Rocker

    1st attempt at a chair - for my granddaughter
  8. CrealBilly

    Rocker WIP - DONE - Another Satisfied Customer

    Here's a rocker I've been working on for my grandson. Made out of black walnut and 30 min / 3500 PSI clear epoxy. Almost every cut is a angle cut. It would have really helped if I had a plan or at least a drawing, instead of just a picture in my head. thanks
  9. cyclopentadiene

    Completed Second Maloof Rocker

    Finally completed my second Maloof rocker. It is made of highly figured curly ambrosia maple. I used the Charles Brock plan for this rocker but used some modifications based on experience with the JSR woodworking rocker build of late 2008...
  10. michaelgarner

    Group Resource Purchase Rocker Plans

    Hello friends, I just want to see what others may think about this idea that I have been kicking around. I have wanted to build a maloof inspirer rocker for quite a while. Not being close to those that teach it or have done it I am pretty much on my own. Charles Brock from what I can tell has...
  11. Sapele Rocker

    Sapele Rocker

    Sapele Rocking Chair with Holly and Walnut Accents, Coopered Headrest and Upholstered Seat. My own design, influenced by Duncan Phyfe, Sam Maloof, Hal Taylor and my lovely wife Carol.
  12. Bigdog72

    My Wifes Adirondack Rocker

    SWMBO asked for a rocker so I decided to go the adirondack route rather than a more complex design. This was plenty complicated for someone like me who is slowly relearning long forgotten skills. What I liked about this project was the opportunity to use most of the stationery tools in my shop...
  13. NCTurner

    Rocker seat?

    For those of you who have made rockers, what is the method used to shape the seat?
  14. S

    need plans for Amish bent rocker

    I just got home from the Lancaster, Pa. area where I saw a rocker I would love to try and build. It was in a small Amish shop that I went in. It is called a bent rocker, I presume because of the steam bending on parts of the frame. Has anyone ever tried this type of chair or know of where I...
  15. P

    EDO Rocker

    I am looking for plans for the EDO rocker built by Thom Moser. If you have them or could tell me where to get themI would appreciate aany help you can provide. Thanks poppop
  16. PeteM

    Another Rocker

    Sapele with holly accents on the legs. I have to bring it back down and put on another coat of finish (wipe on varnish). Finish looked OK in the shop (basement) but not so good in the living room lighting. pete
  17. Sapele Rocker

    Sapele Rocker

    Sapele Rocker
  18. Sapele Rocker

    Sapele Rocker

    Sapele Rocker
  19. Sapele Rocker

    Sapele Rocker

    Sapele Rocker
  20. Sapele Rocker

    Sapele Rocker

    Sapele Rocker

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