1. CrealBilly

    todays project.

    It's a Biscuit Machine made with Redneck Logging - Thanks FredP wood
  2. FredP

    todays project.

    this started out as one single board.:gar-Bi a large board..... it was 23" x 10' x 3" thick. black locust [yeh I never learn.] sawduster came by after work yesterday to help me get it in the shop and up on a bench so's I could start whittlin on it.:gar-La; got the whole set of rails out of it...
  3. Jon

    new project. Need your input

    a friend of mine recently decided he did not want this Cabinet anymore. I looked at it and decided I could make an Entertainment center out of it for a Lady who needs some furniture. The cabinet has been gutted and the drawers were cut down to nothing .. I Had thought about making the...
  4. Vetteman9956

    My latest shop project

    View image in gallery As some of you know, I picked up a Unisaw real reasonable this summer. It has taken much cleanup as it had been stored in a shed for a few years. I tried to find a way to use the open space under the table. I came up with this and it will store all of the saw accessories...
  5. T

    Last minute project supplies

    Discovered that you need some supplies quickly to finish a Christmas project but don't have the time to make the trip to a woodworking store? Woodworker's Supply has a $1 shipping (see their front page, no code needed, no minimum) until December 22nd. They always shipped UPS, and since they...
  6. Umich684

    Finiahed Curly maple vanity project

    Cradle to grave project for a client. Timbered the trees, seasoned the wood (all 4000bf!) milled and built a 8' double vanity. Height increased for bad backs, toe kick drawers for towel/TP storage, and chamfer center drawer stack. Would you believe I actually built this piece 12" to big at...
  7. CrealBilly

    Next project - I'm a glutton for punishment

    After I make a few more coffee and end tables. Is a tall chest of drawers. I'm trying to spark some ideas so any plans or pictures with general dimensions would be greatly appreciated. PS FredP - I may tap on you for some hands on drawer construction tips Thanks
  8. Bunk Bed

    Bunk Bed

    Twin over Full with Trundle Bed. This is the rendered image with materials applied to the objects. There are several default wood materials to choose from - I don't know what wood I will use yet, but I used a combo of poplar, red oak, maple, and cherry to make it easier to view. Almost...
  9. Bunk Bed

    Bunk Bed

    Twin over Full with Trundle Bed. This is a "hidden" image - basically tell the computer to hide the lines you wouldn't be able to see from this perspective.
  10. Bunk Bed

    Bunk Bed

    Twin over Full with Trundle Bed. This is the CAD image as-is, from an isometric view. Pretty garbled to look at unless you're used to staring at it...
  11. dpsnyder

    Latest Project finished (phase 1)

    After several marathon shop sessions last week, I finished the play kitchen stove for my niece and nephew. Gave to them over Thanksgiving. Not sure if they or my sister-in-law liked it more! Thanks to all of the NCWWers who helped along the way! Here's the details... made from beech...
  12. Mike Davis

    CL project for somebody... wanted someone to build me a cabnit (HIGHPOINT) Date: 2009-11-23, 1:59PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This is a very small job. Looking for someone to build me a cabnet that goes...
  13. FredP

    latest project in progress

    got a little over a week in this one. it's a sewing cabinet made for 2 machines with automatic lifts. this one has been challenging. got the news yesterday that it has to be stained!:crossedlips: did I ever mention I HATE stain? well it's stained and some time after turkey dinner I will start to...
  14. T

    Stairs, my hardest project yet!

    I am building a loft bed for my daughter. The room is small and I needed to build a set of stairs with a landing to get up to the bed. MAN! are stairs hard on the brain. Even with the help of a friend who has built stairs before we still made a few errors on the way. Here is a pic of the bottom...
  15. NCTurner

    Awesome project for WW with younguns

    Builder Boards, take a min or two and watch the clips at the bottom.
  16. erasmussen

    latest project wip (not turned)

    This is my latest project, something for xmas. Walnut and cherry coffee mill. A couple of WIP pictures the drawer knob was still on the lathe when I took the first picture. second one with the knob, still got to waxit up. Thanks for looking
  17. Canuck

    1ST Grandchild Project (WIP) - Completed!

    We are being blessed with our first grandchild. Our oldest daughter is due in January 2010. Among the many projects on the list was a baby cradle. I searched the web and found one that was published awhile back in Woodsmith magazine that she really liked. I ordered the plan and cheated a bit...
  18. dpsnyder

    new project and a question

    Starting a new project - have young (1 & 2) neice & nephew that I got "volunteered" :wink_smil to build a play kitchen set for (stove, ref, and sink). So here is the sketchup for the stove - for reference, it is 38" high x 24" wide x 14" deep)... View image in gallery Making it out of glued...

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