1. novice99

    Performax 16-32 Plus Price

    I have the opportunity to pick-up a Performax 16-32 Plus roughly 10years old from a cabinet shop going out of business which appears to have been well cared for and in good condition. $650 seems like a fair price, but wanted to get opinions from those who may have bought one used. Thanks for...
  2. TN Woodie

    Grizzly Drum Sander 1/2 price

    Sorry guys, but once again, this is in knoxville, but it seems like a good deal. A Grizzly 24" dual drum sander for $750.
  3. Gone2dMtns

    Current value for rough cut WO

    Howdy guys! It's been while since I've logged on. I was wondering what the going rate per BF is for 8/4 rough sawn white oak. I tried to Google up the info and the prices are all over the place. Since WO is a fairly common wood here in central NC, I thought one of you might have an idea of the...
  4. Ken Kimbrell

    CL find, price too high?

    Been looking to buy my first lathe, my experience on turning is zero and my budget is rather limited so I've considered the cheaper options like HF and Craig's list for lathes and found this on CL: He is currently asking $280.00 but may go...
  5. TN Woodie

    Laguna 24" Bandsaw 1/2 price Says the list is 5399, selling for 2699. It's brand new. Greeneville TN.
  6. bluthart

    4/4 Ash for Sale - LOWER PRICE!!

    *REDUCED PRICE* I have approximately 100 BF of kiln dried ash available. I am trying to make room in my shop. I will sell for $1.50/BF, or less if you buy a lot. They are 5 ft lengths. I just knocked the price down because I need the room.
  7. bluthart

    4/4 Poplar for Sale - REDUCED PRICE

    I have some beautiful kiln dried, rough sawn, clear 4/4 poplar lumber for sale. Lengths are in 5 foot or 7 foot lenghts, widths from 4" and wider. No cupping or bends - nice flat boards. I have approximately 300 BF, but I will split it into smaller orders. $1.50 / BF. Thanks for looking! HELP...
  8. bobby g

    Updated - 1/2 Price Popular Woodworking Magazine

    Ran across this a while ago, tried it and it worked. (I called Popular Woodworking to confirm that I was subscribed for 2 years). 2 years for $19.96! I don't recall if it has automatic renewal tied to it. bobby g Sorry.. I forgot to...
  9. Mike Davis

    Best price 6/3 +ground

    I need to pull a bigger wire to the subpanel in my shop/garage. Need about 75 feet of Copper 6 ga 3 conductor with ground. Is there a big difference in prices or will it cost about the same anywhere. Anybody got an inside line on heavy wire? Got any extra laying around for a good...
  10. Leviblue

    Delta Midi Lathe - Price Reduction

    Delta midi lathe in classified section just received a price reduction and a correction to the included items with the ad. The original wrench, live tail end and center drive are also included. Thanks,
  11. ScottM

    Great price on a panel saw

    Not connection.
  12. A

    Festool Plunge Saw vs. Table Saw of similar price

    I am very new to woodworking and would like to start trying my hand at some very simple cabinetry. I am a cancer survivor, and as a result I am not the strongest of people so my physical limitation are important to consider. I know I need a tool that will rip large pieces of wood and I have...
  13. W

    fair price to plane wood

    I have had a work/friend call me up and want me to plane a few thousand linear feet of pine from 1" down to 3/4". I didn't know what a fair price to charge to do this type of job. $.20 a lf sound alright?
  14. N

    Worth the $950 Price Tag ? I'm looking of for a bigger table saw and this was on Craigslist. I talked with the guy and he's flexible with the price. I see newer models for only a couple hundred more... Is it work that price tag or what would be a more reasonable price...
  15. cskipper

    How to price work - again

    Now that I have started scrolling baskets and puzzles, and actually selling some pieces, I need to decide on a method for pricing them. As we've said before, the pricing problem with scroll work is the labor. I take too many hours sanding (pre-finish and during the finishing process) because...
  16. D

    Triton Superjaws on Amazon - $99 sale price
  17. T

    Good price for a backup planer

    I saw this over @ Amazon and thought what a good deal for a backup planer unit.While it has no cutterhead lock thats not really too inportant to me as I can adjust for the snipe that these types of planers inevitably have but for $206 new delivered to my door I,ll order one just for the...
  18. SubGuy

    What is a good price for lumber?

    I've found a new source of lumber and I think the prices are good. What do you think is a good price on Walnut, Cherry, WO and RO per bf?
  19. CatButler

    For woodworking equals double price

    I've often wondered if things that are sold as woodworking tools allows the seller to jack up the price. Chris Schwartz kind of confirmed that with a blog post saying that normal extruded angle aluminum was adequate to use as winding sticks. I stopped by the Ace Hardware on may way home and...
  20. D

    QSRO.... awesome wood at a great price

    went down to New Hill this morning to get some QSRO boards from Scott got a tour of his shop, some really nice wood at a great price and had a great visit with him as well :wsmile: thanks for the tour, Scott , was good to meet you and the QSRO is going to make the corner display unit...

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