1. R

    laguna bandsaw blade offer -Resaw King

    Maybe someone knows more about this blade and if it's a good deal: (I don't think you'll see this offer on Laguna Tools web site, so call Tim Lory) December Newsletter 2009 CONTACT: 949.474.1200 ext.9617 Hi Guys: As promised I have something new. Due to the amazing amount of...
  2. W

    Woodworker's Supply Offer

    If anybody on the site shops at Woodworker's Supply frequently get in contact with me,I might have an offer that interest's you.PM me for details. Greg
  3. Douglas Robinson

    ShopSmith Auction offer

    Robb Parker made the following offer via PM: "I have the shopsmith in the for sale section. I'd like to donate that to North Carolina Woodworker for auction to get it out of my shop. If you'd like to put that together for possibly a North Carolina Woodworker hat and tshirt. Must be picked up...
  4. PChristy

    Another free offer - IT is gone

    First one to PM me gets it - Won this at the Klingspor get together in Raleigh- all I ask for is the shipping cost if I need to ship View image in gallery
  5. froglips

    Offer to help technical staff....

    I was approached by Dan offering some technical help with the site. He has 15 years as a software engineer. My only reservation is Dan is a new member. I'd feel a bit better if he'd been on the board longer and with some posting history. Thanks, Jim mxracer Name: Dan City...
  6. sawduster

    Pony Express offer

    Looks like I will be traveling from Youngsville to Cary and back this Sun morning with my truck if anyone needs something toted or transferred along the way Just PM me or post here
  7. S

    classified ads: make an offer feature is clunky

    Am I the only one who thinks the "make an offer" feature of our classified ads is a little clunky? Don't get me wrong, I am appreciative that we even have such a feature, but it seems like I have to click about 6 different links (including opening a new tab and a pop-up window) to navigate to...
  8. W

    Work Sharp-MS cashback offer

    This is a little late but I purchased a Work Sharp through Ebay from and used the Microsoft Cashback.The unit was $199 and using a 10% off coupon that I got in a e-mail =$179.99.In addition to that I received a verification that I got $59.99 (30%) sent to my Paypal Account for a...
  9. JackLeg

    Bosch Free Tool Offer

    Bas turned me on to this offer a couple weeks ago, but I thought I'd "expand" on it a little. Buy a new Bosch PS20 driver, or any compact tool, and get a free PS20 or PS10. We will now have a total of 4 of these things in our shop. We fought over the first one until I ordered a second...
  10. cpw

    Irwin Special Quick-Grip Clamp Offer with FREE Tool Bag

    You get four 6" clamps, plus two 12" and two 24" clamp/spreaders, + a cloth bag for $99.99.
  11. jerrye

    open offer

    In talking with Nick on Monday it occurred to me that since I am all over NC, SC, VA, WV, and soon MD, DE, NJ, and southern PA with work I can serve as a default NCWW Express carrier (as long as the item fits into a Corolla). This is the only way I can find to contribute and be of any real...

    Klingspor's Woodworking Special Offer - DQ Only

    Hello NCWWR's, First of all, I want to thank Steve Coles for all of his hard work on getting you folks registered properly with the Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Discounts at our stores, internet, and catalog. :eusa_clap Second, I want to thank each of you that have already signed up for...
  13. SteveColes

    Offer to help you with sizing of Calendar pictures

    If you have good pictures that you would like to enter, but don't know how or do not have the right software tools, Then send them to me. I will resize and crop them and then enter them in your name. Send them to Please send one picture per email. The pictures...
  14. chris99z71

    Cross-state transportation offer

    Hey all. I'll be leaving Saturday morning and traveling from Garner (just south of Raleigh) to Hickory to take WG's Cabinets 101 class. Hopefully I'll be ok since I'm skiping the 090 primer class... I'll be returning some time Sunday afternoon/evening. I will be driving my full size pickup...

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