1. DWSmith

    FREE Offer for Turners

    I have 4 - 2 5/8" square x 36" long hard maple pieces that were going to be used for table legs that I no longer have any use for. I don't want to throw them away so if anyone here wants them, let me know and we can make arrangements to have them picked up. Call me at the shop 336 431-0436 or...
  2. Trent Mason

    Very nice offer

    Some of you have probably seen the dentist thread that Scott Smith posted. Brian (the dentist and fellow member of NCWWer) had a great offer. I don't see how this is in violation of any site rule, but I could be wrong. Sounds like a wonderful offer to me. Any thoughts?
  3. CDPeters

    PE Offer - I85 corridor

    Friends - Looks like I may be travelling to Charlotte via I-85 - South Hill VA to Charlotte and back - possibly as early as tomorrow or next week sometime for work. Will be driving an F-150 Supercrew short-bed. If anyone needs a transport, I may be able to help. Chris
  4. S

    PE offer: Washington to Pittsboro

  5. Douglas Robinson

    Offer from Marlen Kemmet from Wood Magazine

    During a telephone discussion today, Marlon offer to come talk to our group (Obviously to be usefule to us it would have to be at the annual picnic/meeting). The catch is we would have to pick up his airfare and lodging. That could kill the idea as: 1. That is $ we have not budgeted, 2. I am...
  6. ChrisB

    PE Offer: Raleigh to Hendersonville area

    Hi all, I'm heading from Raleigh to the Hendersonville area on Friday morning, March 11 along I-40 and I-26 and returning on Saturday, March 12. If I can help transport anything in my pickup along the way let me know. Chris
  7. HMH

    Commission Offer: Custom Window Project

    My boss lives in a 1930's colonial in the historic district of Sanford, NC. He is wanting to replace a few windows which have been damaged over the years. Due to repairs/ additions to his home requiring approval by the historic committee, these windows need to be wooden to match the rest of...
  8. peteb301

    PE Offer - Cary to Mattews / Charlotte

    Headed to Mattews Friday (tomorrow) , return on Sunday (maybe) . have some room in my Chevy Blazer. Pm me if I can assist. Pete
  9. ScottM

    Greg's offer to help

    Just rec'd this from Greg on helping at the Charlotte WW Show: "Scott, Exciting news that I wanted to share with you! I just got the official word from the Taunton press, and Fine Woodworking. We’ve just finalized an agreement with Fine Woodworking magazine, in which they will publicize...
  10. Mt. Gomer

    PE Offer: Durham to Liberty via 85 and 49

    I'll be heading from Durham to Liberty and back on Feb 19th for Mike's sharpening workshop. Currently I'm planning on taking 85 to the Burlington area then 49 down to Liberty however I could easily be talked into an alternate route if it doesn't tack on too much extra time. Either way I'll...
  11. ChrisB

    PE offer: Raleigh to Rutherfordton

    I'm taking a trip from Raleigh to Rutherfordton via I-40 west on Friday, December 3. I'll be going to Morganton and south on Route 64. I'm returning on Sunday but coming west on Route 74 through Shelby to Charlotte and up I-85 to I-40 back to Raleigh. I've got a full-size pickup with some...
  12. S

    PE offer: Washington to Cary, Asheboro and back

    I will be traveling from little Washington up to Asheboro this weekend. I will also be visiting the Cary area over the weekend. If you need something moved hit me up with a PM. I'll be traveling with family in a sedan so there's not a huge amount of room but some space available.
  13. J

    PE Offer: Wilmington, Jacksonville, New Bern, North Carolina

    Hey Folks, I'll be traveling for the next few days and have a Ford Fusion sedan if you have something on the medium to small size coming from any of those points or anywhere in between. I'll be in Wilmington on Wednesday, leaving out early Thursday for Jacksonville until late afternoon, and...
  14. Mt. Gomer

    PE Offer Durham to Fuquay-Varina and Back

    I've got a meeting from 9-1 in Fuquay-Varina this Saturday. I'll just have my car (large sedan) so I can't handle anything too big but I figured I'd let y'all know incase you've got something that needs to be moved along the 147/40/401 route....
  15. Trent Mason

    PE offer Raleigh to Charlotte

    I'm going to be heading down to Charlotte on Thursday in the Honda Civic. All I'm going to have is a couple of tool boxes and my suitcase. If any of you have anything that you're trying to get from the Raleigh area to Charlotte, and I can fit it in the Honda, feel free to pm me. If it is...
  16. S

    PE offer: Washington to Morehead City & back

  17. Matt Schnurbusch

    PE offer: Raleigh to Charlotte (Matthews Arboretum) & back

    Leaving bright and early Saturday morning, returning Saturday evening. Space available would be the trunk of a Dodge Intrepid, so, nothing really big can be carried. I can make arrangements to pick up tomorrow, Friday 03-26-10. Let me know if I can help. Frequent trips to follow.
  18. M

    PE Offer for March 19-21

    On Friday morning, I am headed from Hendersonville to Apex via Asheville - Hickory - Statesville - Winston-Salem - Greensboro along the I-40 corridor and then down US 421 and east on US 64 to Apex via Siler City and Pittsboro. I'm traveling alone (with my dog Badger) in a 4-door Camry and will...
  19. Matt Schnurbusch

    PE offer: Raleigh to Charlotte & back

    Kind of short notice, but I am going to Charlotte tomorrow (2-26) afternoon, hopefully leaving around 2-3PM. I'll be returning to Raleigh Sunday morning. If I can help let me know. This trip will happen about 3 or four weeks for the next 9 months or so. I have a Ford e250 van so if need...
  20. merrill77

    PE Offer: NW Raleigh to N Greensboro

    Sorry about the short notice. I'll be dropping off my kids at my sisters in Greensboro tomorrow afternoon. Leaving Raleigh ~1p and probably leaving Greensboro at 3p for the return trip. Might stop at The Woodworking Store on the way back. The van will be emtpy on the way back, so plenty of room...

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