1. bobby g

    Basic Relief Carving Class, October 29th, 2011

    The long awaited Basic Relief Carving Class was held today at my shop near Pittsboro. We learned a lot, made lots of chips and had great fellowship! Thanks to our instructor Stave and my fellow students for making this a great day. Here are a couple of photos; more can be found in my gallery...
  2. Kyle

    BBQ October 15th

    I will be having a BBQ on October 15 th for the Charlotte Woodturning group from 10-2. It will be focused on how to prepare a blank, but a slabbing and sawing demonstration will be given as well. Organic smoked Tamworth pork from Grateful Growers (Denver NC) will be served and a variation on...
  3. Bill Clemmons

    Triad Shop Crawl - October 15, 2011

    LATEST UPDATES! 10-14-11: This will be the last update (I think). The Shop Crawl is TOMORROW. Registration / sign-in begins at 8:00 AM at The Hardwood Store in Gibsonville, w/ coffee, juice, and doughnuts generously provided by THS. Looks like we'll have about 20 lost souls crawling around...
  4. Sawdust Denny

    October Wedding Projects

    My daughter was married in October and the following are a couple of projects she requested for the wedding. The pens were for signing the guest book and the quilted walnut and mahogany box was for wedding cards. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  5. Douglas Robinson

    October President's Message

    Last night we had our BoD meeting and I am pleased to report that we are working well together. Upcoming events include the latest Raffle (Check out the link on the home page), and the Klingspor Extraganza in Hickory. We will be doing many demonstrations over the two day event, so come on over...
  6. ScottM

    Thomas Day Event - October 9th

    This fall there were be an exhibit of the works of Thomas Day at the Raleigh Museum. Our own Jerome Bias is a resident expert on Thomas Day. Jerome has agreed to conduct a special guided tour for North Carolina Woodworker members.:notworthy: The event is free. :icon_thum The tour will be on...
  7. crokett

    New Shop Diary - 13 October

    It's been a while since I've been here. Busy with work, some traveling and other personal stuff but moved everything from the old shop to the new 2 weekends ago. Just kinda piled it all up. Not time to do much else then. Got some help over the weekend with some of the heavier things to hang...
  8. ScottM

    Possible 3rd October event

    Please do not share this with the general membership but I have been talking to the AAW (American Association of Woodturners) and it looks like we will be invited to have an informational booth at their October Symposium in Greensboro. If that happens, and it is 95% sure, they do not expect...
  9. G

    NC Woodturning Symposium in October

    Just found this link. http://www.northcarolinawoodturning.com/
  10. C

    October 11 is coming soon~

    Pig Pickin' Fall gathering in Asheville Saturday October 11th 2008. Come together and enjoy some time with your fellow woodworkers. The food is scheduled to be ready at 1pm. Come earlier and stay later. WNCWA will have their meeting- check their site for time. Please check with McRabbet...
  11. WoodWrangler

    Klingspor Extravaganza - October 24 & 25

    Well, October is right around the corner and before you know it the Klingspor Extravaganza will be in our backyard. NCWW members have had a great showing at this show the past couple of years ... so what's this year look like? Are you going? What's the plan?
  12. A

    October Charlotte Woodworkers Meeting

    The meeting is tomorrow night at 6:30 pm. Fellowship time at 5:30 pm. The speaker will be Dan from Festool so it should be very informative. Visitors are welcome. Well of HopeLutheran Church 6400 Old Reid Road Charlotte, N 28210 Phil
  13. LeftyTom

    Dog House Raising, Anyone? October 6

    Well, the local Humane Society thinks I am suitable to adopt a dog (they didn't see my table manners). This is a beagle, which is larger than my last dog. Which means I will need to build a dog house, and fence in a kennel, the same weekend I return from Ireland. Anyone wanna help me...

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