1. Phil S

    Self-appointed Master Scavenger

    I am always amazed what people will just give away if you ask. The Lista cabinet and bench was surplus and from the looks most drawers never had anything in them. The cabinet is 30" x 30" with full extension drawers rated at 300 lbs capacity. The top is 30 x 72 maple I also brought home...
  2. Ken Massingale

    Kreg K4 Master System Deal

    Woodcraft has this Kreg on sale this weekend for $118. Lowes has it for their normal price of $139. I needed something better than the little pocket jig I have for a cabinet project, and didn't want the 80 mile round trip to WC. I added the Kreg to the Woodcraft cart and printed the page and...
  3. S

    Kreg Jig K3 Master System. - $100 (Mocksville)

    Not me Who knows, maybe nego $75-85? Kreg Jig K3 Master System. - $100 (Mocksville) Date: 2010-12-31, 11:28AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Easy pocket hole joinery in one...
  4. SteveColes

    Laguna Drift Master Fence

    While not mentioned on the website,Laguna will sell the Drift Master Fence for $295 down from $395. Call 800.234.1976 and ask for Frank in sales. If you tell him that you saw this posted on ncwoodworker, he'll take the price down further to $285 :eusa_danc: eusa_danc. If you have any problems...
  5. Bas

    E-mail sent to NCWW web master address, response needed

    I'd be happy to reply this one, but given that this is related to moderation, perhaps one of the mods can take it. Don De Jong to webmaster Hi, This is the second time I have been extremely tempted to delete my membership. But I can't figure out how to do, so I'm still here. The first...
  6. H

    Laguna LT20 With Timber Master -Ridgeway,SC

    See the Columbia Craigslist listing at: This is not my machine, but I thought someone might be interested. Hank
  7. froglips

    Bridge City KM-1 Kerf Master, the video......

    I think this has come up here before, but didn't recall anyone sharing this video. PQ6_S6lZKLI This is one really clever gizmo. I am currently breaking piggy banks and emptying beer cans for recycling cash at an accelerated rate! Jim
  8. PChristy

    Kreg Tool K3MS Jig Master System

    Don't know anything about jigs and don't know if this price is good or not Price:$201.36 Sale Price $139.00 + UPS $5.00 shipping
  9. PChristy

    Kreg Tool K3MS Jig Master System

    Don't know the prices anywhere else so I don't know if this is a good deal for you or not:dontknow: Kreg Tool K3MS Jig Master System Price:$201.36 Sale Price $139.00 + UPS $5.00 shipping Condition: New...
  10. PChristy


    Not mine - Anyone ever seen one of these in action - I worked at an interior/exterior solid wood door factory back in the 90's and we had two of them there - It was pretty cool to watch - I never got the chance to run it :no:
  11. bpeck

    Master Woodsman - my latest

    Here's a pic of my latest effort. This is a Christmas gift for my brother-in-law, who is a petroleum geologist by day and cedar-strip canoe builder by night, and lover of the legendary Boundary Waters. The idea for this came from reading a Garrison Keillor article, which actually was political...
  12. S

    JET 12” Master Dovetail Jig - $40 (Hickory, NC)

    Not Mine!~ JET 12” Master Dovetail Jig - $40 (Hickory, NC) Date: 2009-07-20, 8:38PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] For sale is a Brand New JET 12” Master Dovetail Jig. Location: Hickory, NC it's NOT ok to contact this poster with...
  13. CarvedTones

    Small Sorby Spindle Master gloat

    Here 'tis: I think this will be a good choice for turning tuning pins and end pins; better than my full length 1/2" skew, though the skew is still my weapon of choice for initial rounding. Attempts at beads improved from awful to reasonably okay within a couple of minutes. Sharpening it...
  14. WoodWrangler

    Woodturning Master Teacher Frank Penta Demonstrates

    Received this in my email and figured I'd share .... FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Woodturning Master Teacher Frank Penta Demonstrates at Creative Art Exchange CORNELIUS, North Carolina (May 25, 2008) Frank Penta, President of the Woodturners Guild of North Carolina, will demonstrate...
  15. DaveO

    I went to the Mount and met with the Master...

    Today I had the privilege of going to Big Mike's shop and learning a few things from him about woodturning. Big Mike is truly a talented artist despite his most modest attitude. I am sure that many of you have seen his turnings in pictures but until you actually see them in person and feel the...
  16. WoodWrangler

    Call me the chop master ...

    :-) Well, the credit really goes to my brand spankin' new Forrest Chopmaster 12" blade that I installed in the miter saw! About time! :eusa_danc Now that saw cuts like a champ!

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