1. Rob

    Makita 5007NBA Circular saw

    Can anyone give me any info on this saw? Have a friend selling one for $50, 13amps. Thinking about upgrading from my black and decker 10amp saw. My B&D saw is 20 years old and working, is the Makita much better?
  2. S

    Makita Planer Jointer - $300 (Raleigh)

    Not Mine! Makita Planer Jointer - $300 (Raleigh) Date: 2011-01-26, 11:22AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Makita Planer Jointer, Model #2030, Serial #1398OE, Autofeed Location...
  3. S

    Makita planer/jointer combo - $300 (asheville n.c.)

    Not mine, still listed>> Makita planer/jointer combo - $300 (asheville n.c.) Date: 2011-01-06, 5:11PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This combo 12"planer and 6"jointer is 110v and...
  4. S

    12" Makita Sliding Miter Saw - $180 Wendell

    Wow! This is really a good deal! I have the 10in ver and is a great chopper! 12" Makita Sliding Miter Saw - $180 (Wendell) Date: 2011-01-13, 11:16PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]...
  5. S

    Makita planer/jointer combo - $300 (asheville n.c.)

    Never seen this tool before? Comments welcomed! Not mine Makita planer/jointer combo - $300 (asheville n.c.) Date: 2011-01-06, 5:11PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This combo...
  6. J

    Is Bosch Following in Makita Footsteps?

    For many years, Makita had the cordless drill market to themselves. They were the standard, but still a basic drill. Then DeWalt jumped into the fight, introducing variable speed, keyless chucks, more powerful batteries. etc. Bosch cornered the "laminate trimmer" market with it's Colt. Now...
  7. H

    Makita 2708 Table Saw

    Does anyone know anything about this saw? I have been offered a Makita 2708 for $150 but will have to drive 100+ miles to just get a look at it.
  8. Cato

    Anyone have a Makita LS1016L miter saw?

    I was at the HD the other day looking at the Makita 10 inch LS1016L sliding miter saw and was wondering if any members had one and what their impressions of the saw are?? Kinda trying to decide between this Makita at HD and a Dewalt 717 10 inch SCMS at Lowes. I am strictly a hobbyist and DIY...
  9. S

    Makita Sliding Compund mitre saw - $100 (Raleigh)

    Not Mine! Picture not very good, but if interested, worth a trip to see Sliding Compund mitre saw - $100 (Raleigh) Date: 2010-02-07, 5:42PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Sliding Makita...
  10. mkepke

    $99 Makita 14.4V Impact Driver @ Woodcraft

    Free shipping today too. Unfortunately the free ship doesn't stack with the $10 off coupon in the recent mailer. -Mark
  11. Ralrick

    Makita Sliding Miter Saw - reconditioned $300 with free ship and no tax

    I thought this was a good deal and would pass it on in case anyone needs a nice sliding miter saw. Tyler tools has the Makita 10" sliding compound miter saw (LS-1013L) including the laser for $300 no tax and free shipping. The website indicates the...
  12. Mt. Gomer

    Makita BDF452ZW Factory Reconditioned 18-Volt Cordless Compact Drill - Bare $49 + $5 shipping, tool only. Not a bad deal if you've already got other Makita tools. I know there are a lot of impact driver owners here....
  13. Travis Porter

    Makita Makita 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Drill Driver

    I have the drill combo listed below. I bought it brand new and never used from Turtlewood less than a year ago for a very good price. No complaints there. The issue I do have is the batteries. About 3 months or so after getting it and using it very little, one of the batteries went bad...
  14. merrill77

    Anyone in Raleigh area have a new(ish) 12v Makita battery?

    My drill, a 12v Makita, is feeling quite lack-luster lately. I like it, and it seems to be in good shape, except for a lack of power. The motor sounds great, the armature is clean and the brushes look good, so I'm thinking it is the batteries. I have 3 batteries and they all give the same poor...
  15. S

    Makita Belt Sander $75 -Tooliday Makita 9910X 3 x 18 inch Belt Sander with 5 Extra Abrasive Belts | | One Hot Tool Deal Every Day!
  16. mkepke

    Recon Makita hammer drill $45 shipped Mine should be delivered today :) -Mark
  17. adowden

    Clearance Powder coat gun and makita angle grinder at Southpointe Sears

    I went to Sears today and they have a powder coat gun for $46.97 on clearance (regularly $189). They also have some powder for $1.97 (reg 5.99). They have a 4 1/2" Makita angle grinder for around $46 in the clearance tool area. These items are at the Southpointe Sears store in Durham. Amy
  18. farmerbw

    Makita 18v Lithium batteries

    Was in the Raleighwood HD on Strickland earlier and they have a 2 pack of Makita 18v Lion 3.0ah batteries, part # BL1830, for $99. They have only the one but the single packs they have are going for $99 as well so it's a two-fer! :icon_thum And yes they still have the floor model Ridgid TS...
  19. G

    Dust Collection for a Makita 2040 Planer

    I have a Makita 2040 Planer that I bought new in the 1980s and it's performed very well for me. However, it puts out a lot of sawdust (even faster than my lathe) - and I'd like to know if anyone has designed an add-on so I can hook it up to my dust collector. Thanks, Roy
  20. S

    Makita 10in Miter $50- Ral CL

    MAKITA POWER MITER CHOP SAW 10" LS1030 - $50 (Cary, NC) Not Mine

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