1. hanging outside bar (work in progress)

    hanging outside bar (work in progress)

    hanging bar idea, has a couple of coats of stain so far, used my new router for the edges, and going to put a couple of coats of polyurethane then hang it up.
  2. W

    Hanging Ceiling in shop

    I am about to start putting up my ceiling in the shop. It is a 10 ft Ceiling and i am putting up OSB (Paited white). I am looking for any recommendations on scaffolding or tool to help get it up there. I have never hung a ceiling before so not sure on any tricks. Let me know what you guys have...
  3. eyekode

    Wall hanging plane till

    Here is a simple plane till I threw together: The carcass is dovetailed. However I cut one end of one week and the other end another week. Can you guess what I did wrong? Yup, I made pins on one end of the boards and tails on the others :(. Turns out ok because the top doesn't carry any...
  4. NCTurner

    Hanging Cabinets?

    A few weeks ago, thanks to the generosity of Phil Soper, I acquired about 10' of shop cabinets. I am about to hang them and wanted to know what the best way to get and keep them level is. I was thinking about jointing a 2x and screwing it to the block wall then aligning the cabs. and screwing...
  5. Mike Davis

    What projects do you have hanging

    around the shop? I have a big oak freestanding cabinet with 4 doors that really needs to get done, a couple finials to turn for Jim and a bowl I have been carving leaves on in all my spare time the last three or four years. Not to mention the house I'm remodeling and repairs on the farm...
  6. SubGuy

    Picture Hanging Advise?

    :dontknow:This was an out of the box idea dreamed up by my wife. 4 paintings with a 1"ish gap between them that made one picture. I made frames, that weren't really frames, that go behind in a certain manner. I like the way it looks and it looked great on the wall when we had it hung...
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  9. Ken Massingale

    Hanging A Mantle

    I'm in the final stages of making a Cedar mantle for a buddy. He wanted it to be made from a Cedar tree from his property so he supplied a well dried 5 foot section of log (and around 10 other nice log sections for me) about 10 inches in dia. I used the Alaskan Chainsaw Mill to slab off a 4"...
  10. MrAudio815

    Hanging Cabinets ?????

    Hey Everyone, I am making some shop cabinets out og 11/16" MDF and was planning on using the French Cleat approach? Any reasons to or not to do it? And would a MDF cleat work alright on the wall and the cabinet or should I put hardwood for the cleat on the wall and MDF on the cabinet??? Any...
  11. ptt49er

    ad.gmodules.com hanging up site

    So the google ad's are hanging up my browser. It takes a while for the page to finish loading. It's not that big of a deal, I just thought y'all would like to know. BTW, It's done it on my PC at work(IE) and home(FF).
  12. DaveO

    Hanging trim...

    My wife decided that she didn't like the painted trim around our kitchen window and wanted the sill to be larger as a shelf. So I took down the old trim, found new pieces that matched the profile, and milled my own wider sill (shelf). After spending considerable time trying to match the color of...
  13. Jim Murphy

    Hanging up and hanging out

    I was blessed yesterday (Saturday, Jan 5, 2008 ) to have two extremely talented and wise fellow NCWoodworkers hang up my Clearvue. I've had the cyclone since April, and have spent the last 8 months in intense cogitation of how to properly implement the system. In spite of the amount of cranial...
  14. T

    Hanging Christamas stockings with out a .......

    mantle. We don't have a fireplace any more and needed somewhere to hang the stockings (one more stocking coming, the name was drying). I knocked this together in about an hour. I will take it back down and finish it after the holidays.
  15. Badabing

    Need Ceiling mounted hanging outlet (240V)

    I have to move my table saw to the middle of the garage. I need to run the wiring from the existing 240V wall outlet up into the ceiling and across. I would like to have one of those hanging outlets drop down from the ceiling a few feet so I can just reach up and plug in the saw when I use it...
  16. rhett

    wall hanging *pic*

    This was a weekend project I put together. Mainly to have more pretty wood to look at in my home. The construction is straight forward, keyed miters and half lap joints. I tried to incorporate the golden mean through out the piece. It is curly maple/cherry. The finish is an orange oil and...
  17. mshel

    Hanging a corner cupboard.....

    getting ready to start on a hanging corner cupboard out of mahogany and am curious as to how others mount these to the walls. I am thinking about incorporating dual French cleats into the design so that it will be anchored from both sides. If I do this, the cabinet cleats will have to be inset...
  18. gator

    Hanging A Wall hung Corner Shelf?

    How do you hang a wall hung corner shelf. I don't want to use the two loops, one on the top of each side, but want something hidden. I want the shelf to be flush to the walls on either side, something like when you use a keyhole bit. With a keyhole bit, one side goes over the screw head but...

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