1. areevesnc

    Considerations for panel glue-ups and hand-planing?

    I recently glued up a few solid oak panels. In doing so, I had two primary considerations in mind: matching grain appearance, and alternating ring direction to reduce the effects of panel cupping over time. I've read various opinions about whether the latter is really necessary in modern...
  2. S

    Finishing wood with bright blue or green, special need

    I have a request to make some wood trophy mounts in green and blue. We are trying to convince the end-customer to go with a natural wood and just use a name plate of the desired color. In the event that doesn't work, I am trying to find a way to finish the final product in these colors. It...
  3. W

    Mother's Day Build

    My brother and I have talked about building some outdoor furniture for mother's day, and well... time is almost up. I know the basic design I would like to build, but I have some questions regarding the materials and finishing. The items will be designed to sit on their front porch, which will...
  4. Ed Fasano

    Fuji Spray HVLP Systems - Revisited

    I am late to what is now a closed thread on Fuji Spray system questions started by Chris C. Unless it breaks protocol, I am reviving the topic here. I opted for the Fuji Mini-Mite 3 about 3 years ago. I wanted to try HVLP on a Hoosier-style cabinet I built for my daughter. There are some images...
  5. Barry W

    My Experiment

    First, I realize this is not fine woodworking, or even fine shop furniture . . . But, this is the product of my first project in which I started from scratch with rough-cut poplar wood, milled it and incorporated some of the procedures I've learned in my first year of woodworking. I did not use...
  6. rob.nester

    Let's choose a finish - cypress edition!

    You guys were great with feedback on finishes the last time I asked, so I figured I'd ask again. This time around, I'm looking for suggestions on a good finish for a pair of cypress end tables for my covered front porch. I chose cypress because it's a pretty weather / rot resistant wood, and I...
  7. rob.nester

    Let's choose a finish!

    So I'm planning on building a kitchen table for the wife. She's requested that it be made from either: 1) Maple & Padauk or 2) Maple & Bloodwood Now, I personally prefer the tighter grain of the Bloodwood but she likes the color of the Padauk. Either way, I want to figure out the best finish...
  8. R

    Spots on Ash appear after stain

    I just applied stain to my ash toppers for a farmhouse bed and noticed a lot of spots in the wood. There was nothing wrong with the application as my other pieces turned out fine. But this thick piece has spots all over it. Any idea what it is and how I can fix it?
  9. Jerome B

    Even the blotchy stuff: Staining and finishing wood without fear- workshop

    I am working with the local chapter of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers to put together a workshop on color theory and finishing. I would be most grateful if you could pass this information about the workshop along to your members. The workshop is titled...
  10. Rick M

    Anyone tried Odie's Oil?

    I mentioned on another forum that it was too expensive for an oil finish and the only way I'd try it was if I somehow got a free sample. Well guess what showed up on my doorstep today... a free sample. They make a lot of claims: My wife (who knows...
  11. M

    Emory Boards for tight spots

    My wife was refinishing a maghony bench that had been painted. She used emory boards that she bought at the dollar store to get into tight spots. Worked Great!
  12. A

    Help with finishing Cherry

    I am building some cherry night stands and I am at a point where I am ready to finish them. I have applied two coats of Arm R Seal from General finishes to a test piece. View image in gallery The picture above is a piece of the cherry is unfinished. View image in gallery The...
  13. gfernandez

    Have a finishing question

    I am in the long and slow process of finishing my "man cave". I have been working on the trim and molding, and it is, for the most part, stained. I have been spraying Target Coatings Emtech EM6000 Water Based Lacquer with good results. My question is, on the door threshold, I don't think the...
  14. S

    Finishing Poplar

    I have been making children's rockers using poplar for sometime. Most people want them unfinished or painted, usually forrest green or red. recently I had a request to stain one and poly it. I was timid at first but agreed to do it for my customer. I used Minwax Red Mahogany to get the dark...
  15. D

    Finishing classes available? one of my many weaknesses as a woodworker...and in my opinion, probably the second most important skill to master, is finishing. There are books and tomes and lexicons and volumes written about this subject, some of which I have read and attempted to follow, with varying degrees of...
  16. J

    Perplexed with finishing?

    Why do most of us hate finishing? :BangHead: Are we confused by the abundant choices out there and which type of finish to apply for day-to-day wear and tear (kitchen table, bookcase, sideboard, chest of drawers, etc.). Impatience and a need for instant gratification? Wood species...
  17. S

    Another New Guy - Old "Wooder"

    Hello All, I have recently joined after being introduced to the site by "Glennbear". I retired for North carolina a few years ago and have moved to a log home my wife and I built in Virgina just over the stateline from NC where I still do shopping and visit often. I built a wood shop here...
  18. MissEmmaLee

    My first thread - Black Walnut finishing, not sure about..

    First off, Hello! I have been lurking for awhile, well, since I cut down a large walnut in the backyard, and it's' been drying for over 2 years in my basement. I finally took two of the boards and had them planed and glued, sanded..Been using the Watco Danish Oil to finish. I am making a...
  19. ACobra289

    Need finishing help for gun stock.

    Hello everyone. I need some help with refinishing a gun stock. It’s a 70’s era Glenfield Model 60. Many years ago I tried to refinish it and I was never happy with how it turned out. I decided recently to try again. I have sanded it down to bare wood and now I could use some assistance on...
  20. buildintechie

    Elevating Work for Finishing

    What do you all use to elevate your work off the bench when you're finishing it? Or do you just finish one side? Just curious. Thanks

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