1. woodguy1975

    Finally - My Latest Maloof Style Rocker Photo Shoot Complete (Lots of Pics)

    Many of you know the trials and tribulations associated with this rocker. I had a contaminate in the lacquer I first used to finish this rocker that caused it to crack. I completely stripped the rocker down to the bare wood, resanded it to 320 grit and started over again from the oil. The final...
  2. Terry

    Shop Cabinet Complete

    Well its done finally! This cabinet was made with scraps and drawers that came from a scrap pile. I took and cleaned up the wood, replaced some of the fronts and designed it the way I wanted it to fit in my shop. The cabinet top and a oak plywood panel was purchased for this cabinet the rest is...
  3. woodguy1975

    The Routertable Upgrade is Complete

    Nothing special, but the router table upgrade is complete. Some of you know I decided to upgrade my router/lift. I bought a PC 7518 router and the Bench Dog Prolift. Both are a very nice upgrade to my previous setup. I decided to paint the cabinet to match the cabinet of my Tablesaw. It is...
  4. WoodWrangler

    Project Complete: Simple Shop Storage

    :icon_thum Completed a simple project over the past couple days to add some new storage to my garage/shop. It's a basic wall cabinet to store things neatly. Taken from a plan in Shop Notes, it worked out well.
  5. D

    Big mahogany cabinet complete

    This is a 10' wide X 9' high mahogany cabinet I did for my daughter. There is about $1500 in material in it, 100 hours, and about $400 of low voltage lighting. Lights are on wall dimmers. All power and stereo wiring is hidden in the walls and stubbed out into the respective boxes/walls.I let...
  6. woodguy1975

    Rocker Class Number 2 complete!!!

    Well, the second rocker class has completed their chairs so I'd figure I'd share a couple photos of the proud students and their chairs. From left to right it is Alice, Lat, and Richard. Alice and Lat where from Florida and Richard was from the Charlotte area. They all did a great job...
  7. woodguy1975

    The Trio Nearly Complete (Work Bench Saga Final Chapter)

    Well literally two weeks all three benches are complete. To recap I decided to construct these benches on 3/4. Designed them on 3/5, and started construction/picked up wood on 3/6. Well it is 3/22 and they stand complete. After many long days and late nights and base help from Insomniac...
  8. gator

    The Great Jointer Relay Is 'Almost' Complete

    Jim just left Oxford with the jointer loaded in the back of his PU. Hope he has someone at home to help unload. Thanks again to those who helped with the transfer at Greensboro from McRabbet's truck to mine. We had a good visit and I got to show off my humble shop to Jim. George
  9. woodguy1975

    Chest of Drawers - Box is complete

    Well after doing over 60 mortises something like 20 sliding dovetails and cutting something close to 70 pieces the chest is finally glued up. Now you can actually see all 24 drawer boxes. It is finally starting to take shape beyond just a huge box. Here is a quick pic. I was chatting with...
  10. Splinter

    New Mobile Router Table is complete

    My new router table is complete and already making sawdust.:eusa_clap Only had to buy hardware and ply for drawer bottoms. Everything else was "excess" material lying around shop. Fence and Rockler plate. The fence has sliding front to close up around the bit and will be easily replaced when...
  11. C

    Bookcases complete. Pictures availiable to prove it.

    I finished my book cases today. Delivered them and installed them. I made it a personal point to keep a photo journal of the entire project. I have posted pictures in my gallery, please be sure you check them out. Here is the details of the project. There are some details on each picture you may...

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