1. Rocky Top Coffee Table - leg joinery complete

    Rocky Top Coffee Table - leg joinery complete

    If I want to assemble this table without glue, the leg-to-rail bridle joint needs to be very tight. I spent quite a while fine-tuning the joints and have a pretty good fit.
  2. Shamrock

    New Table Concept - "The Ballerina" Complete with pics

    Hey Everybody, Many of you have seen this in progress over the past couple of months so here's the final result. This is the 1st table of this new concept which is a variation of other 3 leg tables that I've made. The concept was to canter the legs in a bit to make it look as if it was...
  3. D

    First project complete in new shop

    Well, in between travel, holidays, and an extended visit from my MIL and her extended family; I was able to build and complete my outfeed table (my first project).:icon_cheers Top is one layer of 3/4" cheap ply sandwiched with 3/4" cabinet grade ply on top. The legs are 3/4" ply butted together...
  4. Mike Davis

    Complete disaster!

    Two days wasted and one present short. Time to regroup, rethink, gather my wits and try again. Just making a simple box, cut the dovetails wrong and had an extra board so no big deal. Got to the end and realized I cut one corner backwards and cut one groove on the wrong side of the board...
  5. blazeman45

    TS Outfeed Table Complete

    As I prepare to start building my kitchen cabinets this week... I decided I needed to build an outfeed table first. It was built out of scrap pine and cypress and a piece of leftover laminate. Only cost was a sheet of MDF and the levelers. :eusa_danc Due to the sliding table on my saw... I had...
  6. Mike Camp

    Contractor Saw Restoration Complete

    All done. Well still have to fiddle with the fence alignment a little bit and cut the ZCI, but all the fun stuff is done. Special thanks to Bruce (junquecol) for letting me have this saw out of his personal collection for a very fair price, and helping me along the way including showing and...
  7. DWSmith

    New Shop 95% Complete

    Started moving on 10/15 and took the last load on 10/26. I thought it would never end. As I moved things in, I tried to set things up as I went along but ran out of time. Oneida was a little slow in sending out DC parts so that slowed me up a little more but the last pieces arrived yesterday and...
  8. J

    project complete: Curly maple dining table

    Let me start this story at the beginning. a little over a year ago I decided that I wanted to build a dining table for a friend of mine. It was to be quite an ambitious project because I was just starting out as a woodworker. A few friends of mine convinced me to do an end table first so that I...
  9. CLetts

    Pencil Post Bed Complete

    Thanks to Charles Neil and his DVD (and Ed, also), I finally delivered my oldest daughter's Tiger Maple Pencil Post Bed.:icon_cheers View image in gallery
  10. J

    project complete: cherry walnut and cherry end table

    well, I've managed to complete another project. This one I am entirely thrilled with. First things first. The story. a couple weeks ago I helped a good friend move out of college into a place of his own. During this process it became painfully obvious how little furniture he had. (most of...
  11. Mike Camp

    Hardwood Stairs Complete

    Just finished putting in some new hardwood stairs in our house. They were unfinished white oak treads made by Young Millworks in Kentucky and stained to match the floors. Still need to do some touch up paint on the skirt boards, but overall it is pretty much done. Before: View image in...
  12. S

    Edge sander restoration COMPLETE

  13. J

    project complete: cherry laptop stand

    after a few month hiatus (work, life etc), today I completed a laptop stand. This piece will hold my 17" laptop monitor up to the comfortable height of my 23" main monitor at work, so that I can comfortably use both as a dual screen setup. The wooden ledge is used to hold the docking station in...
  14. Mike Camp

    Son's First Birthday Toybox - Complete

    My son is turning one this week and I finished his new toy box just in time for his party this morning. The box is about 16.5"x17"x17.5" (lxwxh) with the 2.5" casters installed. The sides are 3/4" shop grade birch plywood and the top (including the fish) is 1/2" baltic birch. The fish comes out...
  15. Mike Camp

    Banister Refinish Complete

    Not exactly a woodworking project, but definitely a refinishing project. Last year I laid down new oak espresso colored floors in our house, and had every intention of refinishing the banister to match. Well we had a baby so those plans got put on hold for about a year, until last week and I...
  16. Mt. Gomer

    Bunk Beds Complete!!!!

    Woo Hoo!!!!! They're finally done! As many of you know I started working on Bunk Beds for the kids just after New Year's. For those of you who didn't know, most of the WIP updates are in this thread. Life/work got in the way for a while and seriously cut into my shop time but I'm happy to...
  17. Mt. Gomer

    Bunk Beds WIP - Build complete now on to finishing

    Sooo, I have no idea why I didn't think of this before but I've discovered a wonderful new vacation destination: The Shop!!! I decided to take the week off so I could actually get down there and it's one of the better ideas I've had. I mentioned in another thread I was going to be building a...
  18. D

    Fine woodworking Archive, complete $89 at Hartville
  19. B

    My Holtzapfel Bench - COMPLETE

    Finally done and wanted to post a few pics of my first bench - finished a few weeks back. Pretty much followed the Schwarz article - opted not to include the deadman. Specs: 6' x 24" 3" top - Ash Base - SYP Face vise - Veritas Twin Screw w/24" on center, Ash chop w/suede leather face Tail vise...
  20. M

    Bookcase is almost complete

    I've been working on this bookcase for our finished basement and it's almost done now except for the sanding and finishing. That's where I always have problems so I'm sure I'll be poring over the "Finishing" forums for some hints. It's Birch plywood and stain grade moulding, so my plan is to...

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