1. charlessenf

    Distance Floor to Ceiling Question

    OK, in a basement with a poured concrete slab floor and 2 x 10 floor joists above. I hung a laser level about 5 feet above the slab and set a story stick flush on the floor below each joist and marked the distance for each of the six joists I am going to build under. Then measured each mark...
  2. W

    Hanging Ceiling in shop

    I am about to start putting up my ceiling in the shop. It is a 10 ft Ceiling and i am putting up OSB (Paited white). I am looking for any recommendations on scaffolding or tool to help get it up there. I have never hung a ceiling before so not sure on any tricks. Let me know what you guys have...
  3. kooshball

    Where to buy "real" beadboard for a porch ceiling?

    Looking for some "real" beadboard to finish off the ceiling of a newly screened in porch (not the plywood sheets that are at the BORG), thinking maybe cypress, SYP, oak or other suitable lumber. Any local sawyers that I should try calling on? Thanks
  4. 1500 Watt radiant heater

    1500 Watt radiant heater

    ProFusion Heat Ceiling-Mounted Workshop Heater with Halogen Light — 5200 BTU, 1500 Watt
  5. JackLeg

    Shop Bathroom & Ceiling

    Today I installed the fixtures in my shop bathroom. I'm sure my neighbors will miss seeing some old man out hiding behind a bush or a truck!:swoon: (When you gotta you gotta!) :gar-La; Also, here's a couple shots of my new ceiling we recently finished. I don't know which I'm happier...
  6. Jon

    ceiling mount Excalibur blade gaurd Now Installed.

    Does anyone have the ceiling mount dust gaurd from Excalibur? EDIT: I knew a man who bought this and decided it would not work in his Basement. So he offered it to me. I went and picked it up this morning and got it installed. It raises up enough to be out of the way. I am going to get some...
  7. Matt Schnurbusch

    Ceiling and walls on the cheap.

    I saw a post on CL yesterday for 5/16" MDF 82"x97" for 3 bucks a sheet. I have no idea how I would transport it yet, but can I get away with hanging this from trusses for my ceiling? I'm concerned about the weight of MDF as compared to OSB or drywall. I'm trying to put together the interior...
  8. Gotcha6

    Shop Ceiling & Lights, DC

    Took off some time from work after 80+ hour weeks to - relax? No - I had a shot at putting a ceiling in my shop. And while I would have liked to have been @ the beach, I decided I would much rather enjoy the comfort of having a ceiling in my shop to make it warmer. Had some 2 x 4 lay in...
  9. ceiling & lights

    ceiling & lights

    shop ceiling receptacle
  10. ceiling & lights

    ceiling & lights

    shop ceiling pics
  11. ACobra289

    Need finished basement ceiling advice

    Hello all. Sometime in the future, I am going to remodel our finished basement. Currently the ceiling is a dropped style with 2’ x 4’ panels. I REALLY don’t want to put the same type ceiling back up, but due to having to access a couple of junction boxes and a water shutoff valve for the...
  12. M

    Coffered Ceiling Advice

    I'm thinking of building a coffered ceiling in one of my rooms, but I've never built one, or seen one done. My guess is that I should screw something like a 1x to the ceiling, and then build the boxing. Once the boxing is in place, then add any finish trim. [edit] I forgot the minor detail...
  13. Bas

    Ceiling fan light kit repair

    Situation: Teenage kid jumps off chair and whacks ceiling fan. The fan itself is OK, but the light kit is toast. The housing for the pull chain switch, light fixtures etc. was one of those peanut-brittle metal boxes. I tried to fix it using some metal brackets, but as I drilled the second hole...
  14. Arguseyed

    Bookcase tie to sloped ceiling

    For those of you a lot smarter than me, how would you suggest I tie a built-in bookcase into a ceiling like this? The sloped part of the ceiling meets the wall at about 120° and the bookcase will intersect at about the mid point of the slope. I've thought of just leaving it flat at the top and...
  15. PChristy

    Cathedrel Ceiling

    We have a propane$$$$$$$$$$$$ fireplace - LOML really loves to turn that thing on and it runs me out of our livingroom - We have a 11.5 ft cathedrel ceiling with a 3' flat section at the top - we have a ceiling fan that brings the heat down but that is where it stops. The heat does not go into...
  16. Badabing

    Need Ceiling mounted hanging outlet (240V)

    I have to move my table saw to the middle of the garage. I need to run the wiring from the existing 240V wall outlet up into the ceiling and across. I would like to have one of those hanging outlets drop down from the ceiling a few feet so I can just reach up and plug in the saw when I use it...
  17. wapitiscat

    shop wall and ceiling question

    Well, I've miscalulated my witholding allowance (again!) and will be getting some money back from the feds. I was going use the "windfall" to finish my garage walls and ceiling. Do you all advocate drywall all around or something sturdier like T-111 ply on the walls. Also, has anyone done any...

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