1. J

    Hardwood in or near Fayetteville

    Hello, I am new to the Fayetteville area, and I am trying to find somewhere besides Lowe's and Home Depot that sells S4S hardwood, preferrably red oak. I am missing table legs for a kitchen table I am building. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Gary_C

    Craigslist Impulse Buy

    Here's what I found yesterday on the list. Seller said he would deliver so now its sitting next to me. Delta SS200. I imagine that rust on the table will clean up. I think its a 16" saw. I imagine I can learn on this saw. Did I do okay for $50 or did I waste my money?
  3. T

    HELP... I have the chance to buy PSI Turncrafter Pro HELP

    I have the chance to buy this for $226.03 total the seller offered me a second chance auction... I am not in a rush for a lathe I just want a good quality and a good deal... I have had this on a wish list on Amazon and it goes for like $367 there... I have been waiting to find a used lathe a jet...
  4. Flute Maker

    Where to Buy Sorby or Comparable Skew Using Paypal

    I have some cash in Paypal and would like to use it to buy a 1" Sorby skew or another good name brand. I can't find any place that will accept Paypal . Anyone knnow of a place accepting paypal for these??? Thanks
  5. J

    Looking to buy some Christmas Presents

    I'm looking for a couple of hand crafted Christmas Presents: Wine Stopper for around $25 Pen/ Pencil Set for around $35 Looking for something that has nice wood figure/contrast. Thanks, John
  6. T

    Charlotte Craigslist someone buy it so I do not have too

    not my stuff do not know how much the stuff is I need to stop buying stuff someone else buy it LOL if it is a good deal I was not going to waste the persons time asking
  7. manfre

    Group Beeswax Buy $5 / lbs.

    Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, a NC company, is offering free shipping on Monday for large orders. I plan on buying a bunch of beeswax, among other things so free shipping is already guaranteed. Price is $15 for ~3 lbs, comes as a 2.5-3 lbs block plus chips to get to 3 lbs. Pay by cash, check, or...
  8. B

    Where to buy very fine Scotch-Brite pads

    Does anyone know where I can buy very fine grit equivalent Scotch-Brite pads (S-VFN, S-SFN or 7447, 7448) to use between coats of finish? I found a good description of Scotch-Brite pads with grit and steel wool 'aught' equivalents at...
  9. N

    Where to buy biscuit blade near Apex?

    I need a generic Feud/CMT blade for my Dewalt biscuit joiner today and calls to big boxes came up dry. Anybody know where I can find one local?
  10. merrill77

    buy from

    I seem to recall a few recommendations for buying shellac online, but can't find them now. Was it Anyone use them? I'm looking for high-quality dewaxed flakes.
  11. J

    Jamestown Distributors fastener buy

    All, I'm about to put in an order for some bronze wood screws from Jamestown Distributors if anyone is interested in going in to save shipping. We could then PE things around as necessary. I'll be getting oval and flat head slotted screws in varying sizes in 100 packs (all of my fine...
  12. eyekode

    Best place to buy carpet?

    Most if my downstairs is hardwood but my living room is carpet and it needs to be replaced. Any suggestions on where to buy it? I have never installed carpet but I assume it just needs to be stretched either by a knee kicker or machine? Thanks! Salem
  13. M

    Group Buy on Dylos Particle Counter

    For those of you than may be interested in a very sensitive and accurate particle counter to monitor the amount of dust particles in the air in your shop, there is a group buy with discounts starting at 30% off for Dylos monitors on the Sawmill Creek Forum. Here is the link...
  14. manfre

    Group Buy: Niles #301 Bottle Stoppers

    I really enjoy turning bottle stoppers and I plan on placing a decent sized order for SS Niles #301 stoppers. Anyone want to add a few on to my order? Either post the number that you want. These are small, so it should be very easy to PE. I live in SE Cary, work in Durham (I-40 near off exit...
  15. kooshball

    Which dovetail saw to buy???

    The more I learn about woodworking the more I move toward a hybrid approach as it relates to power vs. hand tools. I started out with all power tools but slowly started buying and using various hand planes, bench chisels, mortise chisels, flush-cut saws, etc. I don't think I will ever go 100%...
  16. MrAudio815

    Which Band sawto Buy? Delta or Rikon?

    Hello NCWW's, I have been interested in a smaller Bandsaw for curved cuts, so which one would you choose? Rikon 10-305 for $270 with free shipping and no driving or wasting my time. Or a used Delta 28-276 model ....for $150 and an hour drive one way. The guy has had it for two...
  17. AmishWarlord

    Shop Smith to buy or not to buy?

    I have the chance to get a Shop Smith Mark V with a good assortment of accessories for $1,000. How ever I already have a table saw, band saw, router table, radial arm saw, planer, drill press, biscuit cutter, spindle sander and scroll saw. So do a really need a Shop Smith? At one time I...
  18. MikeCSmith

    $800 What lathe do I buy?

    Hey everybody, I was talking to a friend of mine in New York, he's a fellow woodworker, and he asked me what would be the best lathe to buy if he had about $800 to spend. I'm not a turner, so I thought I could get some good replies from my fellow NC woodworkers. I know I'll be getting a lot...
  19. merrill77

    Where to buy a cant hook in Raleigh?

    I was about to head out to buy this at the local store: but I (wisely) phoned first - it turns out that retail stores don't stock that item. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - not something most people will ever buy :> Any...
  20. Mike Davis

    Group buy / I will have available

    I'm getting ready to order about a dozen bent knives and ten small straight knives. The price is $17 for the bent and $14 for the straight. I tried several things twenty years ago when i was finding my way to spoon carving and this knife works well enough for the price. There are better ones...

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