1. F

    My first year making Christmas gifts

    I finally had the confidence/skill/shop space/time to build gifts for my family this year, so i stuck with the classics (sorry for the crappy cell phone pics): This was my first attempt at a cutting board and a small box, and i must say i was quite happy with the results.
  2. Hook

    Getting ready for next year

    Might as well start early. Pattern courtesy of SSW&C Realized my error of not reading the instructions thoroughly here: :eek: oops No finish on it yet, still some sanding to do, but y'all get the idea:
  3. woodArtz

    Last Show of the Year...

    The wife and I will be setting up at the Rock and Shop Market on Saturday in Durham. It's our last show of the year... whew! Come by and say hello if you're out that way.
  4. Hook

    It's that time of year

    I can't seem to make things fast enough - my wife wants ornaments for her Christmas party, I want ornaments for my office party and now that folks realize I'm back at it, they want ornaments or clocks or what not... Pattern courtesy of Sue Mey at, this clock is already...
  5. Hook

    First Scrolling projects in more than a year

    Since my wreck, last year, I've struggled tremendously with using my hand. Alas, I've started to take an "oh screw it and just do it" attitude. Unfortunately, this does involve a good deal of pain during the blade changing process. :wmad: I need to figure out a way to modify the process on my...
  6. TracyP

    That time of year

    My wife and I went to Cana Virginia for an annual apple and other produce buying trip. Well seems spider season is in full swing. I have been home most of the week with a nasty bite on my left arm and even more nasty antibiotics. Guess there was a little critter hiding in one of those baskets...
  7. 4barnwood

    For Sale 80+ year old Red Oak logs (notched).

    I reclaimed the logs from a local barn and would like to sale them. Take one or the whole load. I will take $350.00 for all. They are Red Oak, Skinned and were Notched and Stacked all still very solid. The Barn was over 80 years old. The logs are 7-10 inch in diameter and I have 10-12 that are...
  8. Joe Scharle

    American Woodworker picks a 40 year old

    jig as Top Pick this month. All you guys that labored under my inept instruction will be happy to know that someone else agrees with me.
  9. DWSmith

    That Time of the Year

    In February and March, Lowe's will be marking down their slow sellers and tools that will be replaced by newer models. If you are looking at something and want a discount, this is the time to keep your eyes open. Also, this happens in all departments in the store. The key to knowing what is...
  10. S

    1st Project of Year: New Style Workbench

    As I do every year around this time, when it's too cold to spend any length of time in shop, I take an inventory of tools that did not make the grade (just didn't get enough use out of). They get Craiglisted (receipts gladly given :gar-Bi). Then use money to get new :tool:'s One item not...
  11. 02blues

    Christmas canes for my 83 year old parents

    Happy Holidays to all. Just finished my Christmas Canes for my 83 year old parents. There are an embarrassing number of flaws which I will not point out...:mrgreen: Walnut red-brown dye; walnut gel stain; rub on polyurethane; dark wax each has a religious medal and an old 1924 coin: could not...
  12. Gotcha6

    Jet tools on sale rest of the year.

    Link below is to a pdf file I received on Jet tools:
  13. R

    100 year old oak table

    I want to refinish my oak kitchen table, it was wiped down with linseed oil by my grandparents so I am not sure how to get it ready for a poly finish. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. CarvedTones

    Anybod buy a Woodmaster drum sander on RDU-CL last year?

    I saw this posting on CL and thought I would share it here in case it is a member the poster is looking for: Looking for the person who bought my Woodmaster drum sander. - $1 (Raleigh) Date: 2010-05-31, 4:06PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]...
  15. Travis Porter

    It's that time of year again

    Yes, it is. I have come out of remission and have woodguy disease..... The toyls are on their way!!!!!:eusa_danc :banana::banana::banana: :occasion1:occasion1
  16. U

    One of last year project

    Last year I was asking some questions on this forum for a cypress Cross I was working on. I finally received the picture as it is been used and I though to share the result. Thanks to all who helped with suggestions.:eusa_clap
  17. dlrion

    100 Year Old GLOAT!

    I went to Charlie's house this weekend. He had hauled this old lathe that he used to work with up from his basement by himself. He gave it to me and refused to take any money for it. I am going to donate some money to NCWoodworker instead! This is my first lathe and I am really excited...
  18. cyclopentadiene

    Turning Projects from Past year

    I finally had an opportunity to take some photos of various woodturning projects from 2009. Unfortunatley, I donate a considerable amount of my work charity and have not taken photos. I attempted to submit several different types of wood...
  19. CarvedTones

    Northern Tool year end sale

    They are advertising "up to 75%", but mostly I am seeing 20%-50% browsing the ad: might be worth stopping by to look around on my way home...
  20. Matt Schnurbusch

    Gifts I made this year

    I have pictures of most of them. Mom wanted a single person garden bench so she got this & a maple cutting board (question on my cutting boards in another thread)... View image in gallery View image in gallery It is reclaimed red cedar with teak oil finish. No one else told me what they...

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