1. J

    Question re Planing stop setup

    Amateur woodworker here building my first workbench. I’m following the anarchist workbench book/plan given how prescriptive it is (helpful for a first timer). However, for someone that has been planing board faces only occasionally its not obvious a 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” square hole in the bench for...
  2. bbrown


    Asking $325 Dimensions: 6'8" long x 32" wide x 3 feet tall. I carved all of my Bellamy eagles on this bench. It's heavy and super solid. I added removable sandbags that make it essentially unmovable. Nice drawers with sliding partitions and lots of storage space. Vise not included. It's an...
  3. bbrown

    Workbench top help

    Hey folks, I'm looking for any suggestions for affordable tops for 6 workbenches I am planning for my new woodworking school. Ideally, I'd like 8'x 2'+ widths. Butcher block would be nice and I can build up the thickness with hardwood ply layers and then edge with oak. I just watched Chris...
  4. A9D5CF6E-B1B2-4923-9AEE-660201654EB4


  5. oldetoolworkshop

    Workbench build with Roubo Straighteners

    Hi all, Just checked around the web to see if anyone has used this method of laminating and face joining a workbench top. The Roubo straightener I am referring to is shown on my blog here: Has anyone out there used this method or...
  6. mpholway

    My new workbench top is done (for now)

    I added my twin screw vise last weekend and drilled the dog holes this weekend. I'll actually get to use it next weekend. I am so excited I can't hardly stand it. I must admit that I measured at least 6 times before I drilled my first dog hole for fear of wrecking something I had worked on so...
  7. Hmerkle

    For beginners wondering about a bench...

    I don't think this has been posted... yet. I am a fan of Shannon Rogers - and like the Christopher Schwarz and Paul Sellers bench builds - I think this is another that deserves applause!
  8. F

    Looking for Someone To Make Me A Benchcrafted Roubo

    I have drastically downsized my shop recently and am moving to an all hand tool setup. I would really like a Benchcrafted Roubo with all of the bells and whistles. I also would like the full benchtop moxon vise that they have on their website. The problem is I no longer have the machinery to...
  9. Absinthe

    work bench/table and holdfasts

    Hi, I am just setting up my shop now that I have the room to do it. First thing I did was make 2 work benches/tables to give some flat surface area and additional storage. They are both the same 2'x4', 2x4 construction with a "top" and a bottom shelf. I just finished cross bracing and...
  10. KC7CN

    The Deltona Workbench

    Hello everyone! It's been over a year and a half since I've posted anything on the forum - biggest reason is that we moved from the Oregon to Deltona, Florida last year - much closer to North Carolina! First order of business was to setup my workshop in our small 2-car garage. Part of this...
  11. Hmerkle

    Here we go again - round dog holes or square

    So, you have decided to build that workbench - finally... You have your design picked out and there is one last thing - the dog holes... In building up the top you can choose to leave the top board "open" and create square dog holes or put it all together and drill them... WHAT DO YOU DO...
  12. minnehahas

    Nicholson Bench

    Finally finished ( well almost ) a Nicholson Bench. This is my first real bench. Learned quite a bit about hand tools. Flattening the top taught me to let the hand plane do the work you just need to move it in the right direction. Its interesting moving more towards hand tools. At first I...
  13. Workbench tool cabinet - rear shelves

    Workbench tool cabinet - rear shelves

    These shelves are on the rear of the bench, behind the planing beam. The planes I use most frequently on that side of the bench are kept close at hand.
  14. Workbench - clamp rack between legs

    Workbench - clamp rack between legs

    This clamp rack between the workbench legs keeps 6" and 12" bar clamps close at hand. Each rack holds 10 clamps (one rack on each end of the bench.
  15. tool cabinet under workbench

    tool cabinet under workbench

    Cabinet shell is complete - front side of bench. Ready for drawer construction and install.
  16. tool cabinet under workbench

    tool cabinet under workbench

    Cabinet shell is complete - back side of bench. Ready for a few shelves.
  17. tool cabinet under workbench

    tool cabinet under workbench

    Step 6: Center aligned and hammered down to the base. Top placed on (without glue) to allow downward clamping pressure on the center panel
  18. tool cabinet under workbench

    tool cabinet under workbench

    Step 5: center panels aligned with the outer edges. Inner edges will align when folded in.
  19. tool cabinet under workbench

    tool cabinet under workbench

    Step 4: glue line for the bottom edge of the center panel, as well as glue on the inside/outside sides of the panel.
  20. tool cabinet under workbench

    tool cabinet under workbench

    Step 3: Clamp stops to keep the center panels aligned. Place shims to allow center panels to be aligned before lower them onto the glue-line on the base.

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