1. johnpipe108

    M2HB and M3 tripod in exotic woods!

    I have recently been given a small piece of African Wenge, and sliced it up into a few thin slabs. I got the inspiration to make up an M2HB model in exotic woods, with Wenge for the sideplates. It is a work in progress, with many fiddly little details in the completion, but I've made some...
  2. zapdafish

    gluing up woods with different stains question

    I am looking into edging one side of a veneered panel with hardwood. If I want to stain/dye either side with different hues. Whats the procedure for this, do I do it before I glue em or after they are glued. If I pre color, I am worried that during the glueup there will be squeezeout that I...
  3. Leviblue

    First Pen with Multiple Woods

    I was inspired by some of the pens I've seen and figured I can do that. So off to the garage shop I went. Found a few pieces of wood and started up the saws... dust collection....put on the respirator and then I got to start working. It's always the enjoyable things that will kill ya'...
  4. R

    Manning Rare Woods Collection

    Interesting read...I use to date a lady friend who went to school at RISD. I wish I had known about this back then while I was still up there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manning_Rare_Woods_Collection
  5. S

    wood for sale in Bath, NC

  6. kernnal

    Exotic Woods

    Hey all, I am trying to get myself involved with some intarsia projects. However, I'm running into a slight problem. Does anyone know of anywhere in eastern NC (I'm in New Bern) that I can find any species of exotic woods? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. -E
  7. BKind2Anmls

    BearTooth Woods - 10% off - ends tonight

    Use code NYE10OFF
  8. A

    New member from Big Woods

    Hi all, looks like a good bunch of folks here, hopefully I won't bring down the average. I'm still working full time (God willing, 4 more years ;-) so won't be on daily or anything, but I'll try to do my part to give help as well as get it. I'm sort of an all-around woodworker (as my bio...
  9. mandm

    native woods: chess

    I am working my way towards wood chess sets with the turning project (then bone, then ivory, but that's much later), hence my apprenticeship to a master turner of...right...mainly chess sets. [clickadeclick] Ebony and boxwood are the traditional woods, and now some exotics are used. I am...
  10. Douglas Robinson

    AlexL on Woods Website tomorrow!

    http://woodtube.ning.com/video/the-homework-ultimatum/?sssdmh=dm17.0&esrc=nwwood&email=259330824 Very cool! DOug
  11. PChristy

    Question on woods

    A friend of mine in Fla. wants to make some signs for his yard - he wants to do two different colors with the background being the dark - What two woods do you recommended for this and what type of finish? I know about the marine type finish is there anything others
  12. Truefire

    Question about working Spalted Woods.

    Hey guys i have worked spalted woods before but this time around i managed to harvest a red maple myself that has a lot of colored zone lines which i plan on turning eventually. So needless to say i have somewhat larger quantity of it than i normally do. Thus generating a concern for me. I...
  13. Elmojo

    Foodsafe woods?

    My dad has commissioned me to make him a dinner plate. He is buying a ceramic knife and decided he wants a solid wood plate to eat from. Keep in mind that the finished plate will most likely only be finished with mineral oil or some other food-safe finish of your suggestion. Also, since he will...
  14. CrealBilly

    Adventures in the woods :)

    Well today I got back in the woods out at Jims... We cut a monster RO that didn't come back this year and was standing dead. Just imagine a real forest red oak with a trunk WAY up there. To get the wedge out of the butt required some creative chainsawing, my 20" bar would not meet up in the...
  15. Y

    Planing figured woods?? especially Koa wood

    Hi Folks, I'm having tear out issues with the Koa wood I've been working with. I've sharpened blades on the jointer and the planer. I've tried using a 50/50 spray mixture of fabric softener and water on the wood prior to planing. No matter what I've tried I still get tear out on this highly...
  16. jonnyfontaine

    australian woods

    does anyone know where to get australian exotic woods around raleigh or anywhere somewhat close to here? the selection at east wake hardwoods is fantastic but i'm just wondering if there is anyone or any place else that has stuff like that as well... especially figured eucalyptus (oblique)...
  17. christopheralan

    Seven woods...

    ...were used to make this. I can't name them all, but the guy loved the plaque. He was an ordiance guy who retired. The thing on the bottom left is a bomb, which is the logo they use.
  18. Truefire

    Needing 1.5" X 1.5" X 7"-21" woods

    Hello fellow woodworkers, I need some 1.5" x 1.5" pieces of various woods such as cocobolo, exotics, maple and such for turning homemade duck calls. Could anyone that has scrap pieces of such lying around their shop please let me know. I would like to buy some from you guys. Thanks...
  19. pslamp32

    Tell me about these woods please...

    Can anyone help me with a few wood questions? Is Black Walnut different from regular walnut, or are they the same thing? How does Ash work as a furniture wood? (milling, pores, finishing, etc.) How does Birch work as furniture wood? Any significant differance between Red & White oak?Thanks! Any...
  20. taandctran

    best place to buy exotic woods????

    I was woundering where the best place to buy exoctic woods were.... I only need small boards.. (18"x 6" x 1") or around that size, boards that size late me forever. I currently buy them on ebay but after shipping a $4 board cost $10. I am looking for a local place to buy just small amounts...

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