1. Mike Davis

    Chili, cheese dip and spinning tops

    Several of us are getting together at my place for Chili, cheeze dip, other foods and some time in the shop turning tops. Everyone is invited! This Thursday, 10 am to 6 or later if we decide to build a bonfire The tops can be donated to charity if you so desire. Most of mine will be...
  2. Mike Davis

    Spun a few tops

    Pam wanted some tops for gifts, so I dashed off a few. Five walnut and two spalted sycamore.
  3. Toys and Pens

    Toys and Pens

    The result of a woodworker trying many different projects with various wood types. The tops and kaleidoscopes were made with wood found on the beach.
  4. Kaleidoscopes and Tops

    Kaleidoscopes and Tops

    Children are eager to look through Kaleidoscopes and use tops made from wood found on the beach.
  5. G

    Turning Tops for Haiti

    Going to Haiti next week. Anybody have a picture of a small top (approx. 2" dia and 2" tall). Need an idea for patterns. Thanks! Grumpybear on the move
  6. D

    Work Bench Tops

    I'm building a new shop; I plan on using reclaimed cabinets both upper and lower for storage. However I'm thinking about using a 3/4" MDF with a 3/4" X 2 1/4 " reclaimed hardwood floor material as the work top. I'm open for your opinions.
  7. LeftyTom

    Wood Tips for Butcher Block Table Tops

    Disclaimer: I did not want to hijack the thread about wood not for cutting boards. Any combination or 2 or 3 woods to avoid when building a butcher block table top? Suppose dimensions of 30"L x 26"W x 2" thick. Tips appreciated for both tops with side grain (30"L x 3/4"W x 2"T) and end...
  8. D

    Tops for shop cabinets ??

    I am ready to start building the cabinets for my shop and would like some input on choices for the materials I could use for the tops. They'll be about 2'10" deep so that will be larger than countertops I could buy from places like Lowes. I was thinking of using either plywood or MDF, but...
  9. kitchen counter tops

    kitchen counter tops

    kitchen counter tops
  10. kitchen counter tops

    kitchen counter tops

    kitchen counter tops
  11. kitchen counter tops

    kitchen counter tops

    kitchen counter tops
  12. kitchen counter tops

    kitchen counter tops

    kitchen counter tops
  13. D

    Workbenches and Tops

    I'm sure most of you have seen my ads for the workbenches and tops that I've been offering up. As it stands right now, I have a few left in storage and I really need to move them out to make room for other stuff I'm bringing in. Shoot me a PM and let's get this stuff to a good home.
  14. Gotcha6

    Counter tops

    I'm taking up some counter tops tonight to be replaced tomorrow. These are PB tops but are laminated top & bottom. They would be good for DP tables or shop tops. If there's any interest in them I'll bring them to Monroe. They are light green - almost turquoise & I'll have about 24' total usable...
  15. K

    finishing vanity tops

    I have built two free standing vanities. The idea is for them to look more like furniture than traditional built in vanities. Was shooting for a little Shaker influence. Not sure if I succeeded. Oops this is suppose to be about finishing and I really do have a question, problem with the...
  16. F

    Sanding Table Tops

    Hi again, I have several Maple 1.75" thick table tops that came out of a Physics Lab. Two are 24"x48" and one is 31x72". They are coated black and I would like to have them sanded down to bare wood. Does anyone know where I can have them sanded? Thanks
  17. b4man

    Marble and/or granite table tops

    Does anyone know where in the Triad area I could find a place to get a 48" round table top? Either ready made or cut to order. Also, does anyone have any idea what it would cost?
  18. dino drosas

    More Instant Table Tops

    I finally got the wood slabs that I brought back from south Florida unloaded and into the storage container. All three are Camphor and are 3 ' thick. The round one on the left is 40" in diameter and is dry and ready to use. The large crack has been stabalized and filled with epoxy resin. The...
  19. jaustin

    butcher block for counter tops?

    where can i find butcher block for counter tops? i am located in Thomasville, not sure if i want to do a butcher block or ceramic.
  20. The WoodButcher

    Bar Tops

    Howdy Folks, Just thought I'd post a few pix of some bar tops I cut for a guy. They were 12/4 X 18" X 8' He took three of'em. Real nice slabs for a bar top, curved just right :eusa_danc

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