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Every now and then I come across a negative post about Powermatic since they were acquired by WMH tool group, and just wanted to throw my $.02 in on the subject.

I have a PM2800 drill press, certainly a rather spendy indulgence on one of the less complex pieces of equipment we have in our arsenals. A few weeks ago I went to tighten a bit (keyless chuck), and one of the 3 jaws snapped right off at the base. Rather surprising to say the least. It's only a couple of years old, still covered under the 5 year warranty, so set about trying to find a warranty repair shop here in town. Called several around town and discovered it's a bit tough to find one, and the ones listed on the Powermatic site were no help either- no longer in business, didn't deal with this type of equipment, etc.

So, getting pretty frustrated at this point, my last resort <gasp> is to pick up the phone and get a real live person at Powermatic.

All I can say is WOW!! Took maybe a minute from the time they answered until I was connected to a technician who got my SN#, name, etc and had a new chuck on it's way to me no questions asked. I ended up chatting with the tech for a few minutes and he answered several questions I had about a couple of unrelated issues. He was very personable and clearly was extremely knowledgeable. Made a believer out of me, was the best customer service I've had in a long, long time, so I thought a few kudos were due.


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Thanks for sharing this with us.
Sometimes its so easy to accept good things as how it's supposed to be and move along. Glad you had a good experience. There are still good people and companies out there that know what customer service is!:eusa_clap
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