Praise For Dewalt Service Team

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Bruce Swanson
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About 2 months ago my Dewalt DW788 scroll saw quit working. After spending about $90 and unsuccessfully trying to repair it, I bought a used Hegner scroll saw I located on Craig's List way down in Myrtle Beach. I spent over $300 on parts and upgrades, but was not happy with it, so I took the defunct DW788 to the Dewalt Service Center in Charlotte. Their website advertises a guaranteed total recondition for a flat $259.99. I got it back on Wednsday. Much to my delirious delight, they simply jacked up the table and drove a brand new Type 1 saw under it. The total price was $210.99, including the tax!!! And no, I don't know how it was they had a new Type 1 in stock, but none-the-less, that is what I have. I have to give the very highest grade to the Dewalt folks for their great service! :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap
IT CUTS GREAT TOO!!!:banana::banana::banana:


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+1 for Dewalt !! :icon_cheers I had exactly the same experience only mine was replaced with a type 2 ( you are living right bro :wink_smil ) . Mine went a step further. About a week later I realized I had left my light kit on the old saw. I called just for the halibut, thinking oh well I screwed up , my bad. Not so......they shipped me a brand new light no questions asked and didn't even charge me freight on it :eek: i'm not neccessarily crazy about a lot of their other tools but I will always have 788 in my arsenal :icon_thum congrats bro !!
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I'm glad you were successful! (and I hate you couldn't get the Hegner to work like it should).


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Congrats Bruce. I know you suffered long and hard. Glad the story had a happy ending.


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It is always great to experience quality products supported by quality customer service.
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