kudos to Fox Chapel customer service!

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Not long ago, there was a "hot deals" thread about a "scratch/dent" closeout with some very good deals on books at Fox Chapel. I ordered a couple of books. One I wanted more than the other and it was the one that justified the price plus shipping to me and the other was worth the reduced price to me since there would be no extra shipping. Yes, I am generally cheap, but in the case of highly discounted books I am usually buying something that didn't appeal to me enough to pay full price; books are cheap enough that if there is one very specific to something I want to do I will buy it at whatever the price is when I need it, not hold out for a deal. Anyway, as luck would have it, the one I wanted more than the other was "backordered" and cancelled. I complained politely, noting that with a fixed inventory they should not have kicked out a confirmation saying it was shipping from stock and explained how my convoluted logic made me feel like I had paid more than I was willing to for the second book. I don't know if they bought into that mess I call a thought process or not, but they are making good by sending me a new unscratched, undented copy of the other book and only charging me the difference between what my original order said and what they charged after the back order. :eusa_danc
They also politely pointed out to me if I had looked close I would have noticed they did discount the shipping due to the backorder. :embaresse
So they really had treated me better than I realized up front, but were still willing to go an extra mile to make me happy. :icon_thum


I bought three books in the "Scratch & Dent Sale" and they came quickly and free of both scratches or dents! They had never been opened by a human hand. The three cost just over $26 shipped -- if new, they would have been over $70!


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I have dealt with FC alot.......it was nice growing up 20 minutes from the "shop", no shipping charges!

They are good people!:gar-Bi
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