1. Nine boards

    Nine boards

    Nine boards cut from the cant before off loading (Walnut)
  2. D

    At the Sawmill

    I'd like to extend my thanks and gratitude for the event today at Kyle and Chris' sawmill. Saw a lot of stuff I wanted, (gotta make it back out there), and was able to put some faces with names from the site. Oh, the food was outstanding too. Sorry about having to check out early, I'd really...
  3. Gotcha6

    Sawmill on CL CLT $2,000

    Not mine.... PTO driven.
  4. EricS

    PE request from Hillsborough to The Sawmill

    I have a saw guard that needs to get from Froglips in Hillsborough to the Sawmill in Ironstation on the 20th.If any one is heading to the Sawmill from the East I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  5. CrealBilly

    Going to give away the sawmill business

    After much consideration... I've decided that I'm going to give up sawmilling and logging for a while anyways and I'm going to give all my sawing equipment to my father-in-law in southern IL. He really enjoys running the woodmizer and he can use it to supplement his fixed income. I really hate...
  6. C

    The Sawmill

    Hello all, I just want to encourage everyone to stop by and see us. We welcome every level of wood worker. If you have some questions and want to learn how to attempt to take on a new project, Kyle or myself will be glad to help. (Not saying we know everything, but if we do have some experience...
  7. Mark Stewart

    Visit to the sawmill

    Yesterday I had an occasion to stop by and visit with Kyle and Chris. I went to buy some turning blanks but boy did I get more than I thought about. Chris gave me turning tricks and tips that shall make my life much easer. I bought myself a few blanks and as allways they are top quality. Nope I...
  8. BrianInChatham

    Portable sawmill in Chapel Hill area?

    Hi folks- I'm relatively new to woodworking (but am ambitious!) and also new to the area. Now that I live somewhere with trees (don't find too many where I lived in Phoenix!) I've been having these great ideas about having some of the oak on my land milled into lumber for all the household...
  9. White oak logs courtesy of DaveO

    White oak logs courtesy of DaveO

    Thanks Dave!
  10. C

    Picnic, wood to return to Sanford Sawmill

    I bought a very thick slab of AD walnut from Mark Patterson sawmill in Sanford a few months ago. When I opened it up and resawed down to 8/4 thickness I discovered the wood was cherry. :eek: I would like to get a refund and they have asked me to return the stock. I have been trying to...
  11. F

    CLT CL: SAWMILL for Sale, Timberking 18' bed 704-435-2120 - $4500 (Cherryville) Not mine, just saw it.
  12. Bryan S

    Mark Patterson Sawmill

    Being this is a fairly new addition to our wood suppliers list I wanted to tell of a good experience from my trip there a few weeks ago. Those guys were great and their place was easy to find, just a few miles off HWY 1 south of Sanford. I included a review of their service in a paper I did for...
  13. Takarin

    Mobile Sawmill - $12k Been on Fayetteville CL since 3-3-09. Not sure if it's still available or not...
  14. Jerome B

    looking for portable sawmill in Wendell area

    I am looking for some one to come saw up some logs. I am working with the museum of history and we need to do some shots of logs being cut into boards. The trees that they want to use are just outside of Wendell. I don't know how big the logs are. I just know that we have access to a backhoe...
  15. C

    portable sawmill service ?

    I have a number of old beams from an old tobacco barn that I would like sawed up... some into boards for flooring & trim and some just squared up. Is there anyone who has a portable mill that would come do this in exchange for some wood? The beams are mostly hard pine with a few oak mixed in...
  16. Threejs

    What is the shortest log a sawmill with take

    I have some walnut from 2 trees that I took down earlier this year. One was alive, the other had been dead for several year, and dried standing. The dead on was 16" across on the log I measured, and the live one was about 12". The problem I see is that the shortest log (the 16" diameter one)...
  17. Nativespec

    New Sawmill opens in Raleigh

    Just accross from Crabtree Valley. It all started with a 6" Makita planer ($175 from CL) and a hot little Italian number by way of Texas with a 16" resaw. Had to add a sub-panel and other circuits-about $660 in materials and the saw price....I'd rather not discuss. That is the winch stacker...
  18. scsmith42

    Fascinating Sawmill link.

    I recently stumbled across this link - it's the Hull-Oakes sawmill up in the PNW. It's a steam driven sawmill that was built around the turn of the last century, and an interesting photo-essay. Scott
  19. JackLeg

    Beaver Branch Sawmill

    If anyone is looking for fresh cut hardwoods, Ivey is a great source. I met him this morning and picked up a load of cypress, ash, and white oak. I recommend him fully. He gives good measure, is honest, and is priced right. I gave him an additional order today for another lot of cypress.
  20. J

    Dang Blasted Sawmill

    I have come to the conclusion that every time a log lands on that dang blasted sawmill more lumber falls off of it. I think that sawmill has a real problem with hardwood logs because every time it sees one it just wonders what's inside of it and it simply can't resist the urge to start it's...

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