1. U

    Need a SAWMILL to finish rough 1/4 hewn red oak.

    A huge red oak on my property was cut down by the electric company. They left it back in the bush. I rough cut it (quarter sawn) with a chainsaw because it was too heavy to haul out of the forest. Does anyone know a portable (or non portable) saw mill in the area near Greensboro, Burlington...
  2. A

    Sawmill Show in Columbia, SC May 18-19

    I got an email wanting us to exhibit at this show today: homepage I'd never heard of it. Thought some of you sawyers might be interested. Happy Sawing!
  3. WoodWrangler

    Sawmill for Sale on Charlotte Craigslist

    Not mine, but I know some of the fellas at the Charlotte breakfast meeting this past Saturday were talking about wanting one ... Band Mill (sawmill)
  4. Meadows sawmill restoration

    Meadows sawmill restoration

    The carriage of my Meadows sawmill (during restoration). It was a basket case when I got it. It was made of wood but I rebuilt it with 4 x 4 steel tube and omitted one axle
  5. C

    local sawmill

    I am looking for local sawmill , I am looking for whole sale price of lumber.
  6. I

    Sunrise Sawmill

    Anbody ever been to sunrise sawmill in Asheville. here is there website According to the site: they buy logs, mill logs, custom sawing, and they sell green lumber. I don't think they dry wood. Since the lumber is green it's very affordable. Anybody bought...
  7. kota62

    Fayetteville area Sawmill...

    Saw the local guys talking about sawmills down this way in another thread so I knew I needed to hook a brother up :-D I got lucky and found the card today so I hooked Ron (Yellowfins) up as well.... I learned of Eric when i needed my Sassafras milled prior to my Afghan vacation this past...

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