1. Wounded Warriors class w/ Roy Underhill

    Wounded Warriors class w/ Roy Underhill

  2. Wounded Warriors class w/ Roy Underhill

    Wounded Warriors class w/ Roy Underhill

  3. Wounded Warriors class w/ Roy Underhill

    Wounded Warriors class w/ Roy Underhill

  4. Wounded Warriors class w/ Roy Underhill

    Wounded Warriors class w/ Roy Underhill

  5. Gofor

    It's Roy's Fault

    After watching the Woodwright's Shop episode on the Elizabethan-joint stool, I decided to give it a try. Ended up with this: The week of Thanksgiving, I split out an oak log (tree dropped in Sept) with maul, axe, and wedges to get some segments that looked like this: Then took the froe I...
  6. gator

    Roy Underhill Shows True Colors

    SEE NEXT POST DOWN. I hope this is readable, I don't know how to rotate it. This article appeared in our local newspaper...
  7. JCraig

    Roy Underhill goes 21st century

    Roy Underhill goes 21st Century Good Ole Roy
  8. Joe Scharle

    Happy Birthday Roy

  9. Douglas Robinson

    Roy Underhill

    Do any of you know who invited Roy to last years picnic? We should invite him again. If no one knows I will try to contact him. Doug
  10. Sealeveler


    I am envious or whatever of everyone who has taken a class with Sir Roy.He sounds and looks like a class with him would be very informative and entertaining.I am not able to travel that far or have the funds.Tony
  11. sash plane

    Roy Underhill - Jan 22 Class, Dovetails

    Just got an email from Roy about class on Jan 22, With a PDF on dovetailing.... class is getting close... He said he will be there at 8:30am so we don't have to wait out side. Who is going to the 22nd class....? I was going to go to the MWTCA event, but forgot to set clock.... just call me mr...
  12. froglips

    Roy Underhill: Winter Seminar, Smoothing and Scraping

    Oh happy days are upon us in the heart of North Carolina...... I attended the Jan. 13th Winter Seminar session at the Woodwright's School in Pittsboro. Ran from 6 to 9pm. First off, if you are on the fence, jump off it and sign up today! I wanted to see how this went before picking...
  13. Threejs

    A Sunday with Roy Underhill

    For Christmas, my wife got me into a class with Roy Underhill. It was his dovetail, and tenon joint class, where he teaches dovetails, half blind dovetails, and an intersecting mortise and tenon joint. The wood working was a lot of fun and informational. Having hands on access to just ask...
  14. ScottM

    Roy is coming... Roy is coming

    TWA (Triangle Woodworkers Association) make wooden toys for the USMC Toys for Tots program. On Tuesday December 15th the TWA will hold their annual Christmas social and Toys for Tots presentation. The MC and guest speaker will be Roy Underhill. All are invited to attend a fun evening of food...
  15. ScottM

    Roy Underhill to speak at May TWA meeting

    For those interested, the TWA will have Roy Underhill as their guest speaker at thier May 19th meeting. Guests are always welcome. The meeting will starts at 7:00 PM at the Klingspor Store on Capital Blvd, Raleigh. If you have never seen Roy in action you are in for a real treat. For...
  16. Trent Mason

    Announcement from Roy

    I posted this in the thread about his class, but for some reason it didn't show up, so here is what I posted. earlier: Just sent Roy an e-mail telling him briefly about this site and how excited we'd be to have him here. Here is his response: Hi Trent, I look forward to joining up with...
  17. AAAndrew

    Visited St. Roy's New School - With Pictures!

    I'm cross posting this with the Old Tools list as I think that for y'all it's a little closer to home. I played hookey from work today for a long lunch in the sunshine and drove the 30 minutes down the road to Pittsboro, NC where Roy Underhill is opening up a school for Galoot woodworking...
  18. LeftyTom

    Roy Underhill Alert

    5pm Sunday DEC28, he will be on "Bookwatch" on the NC PBS stations.
  19. cskipper

    Happy Birthday Roy!

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a terrific day with many more to follow! :new_birth

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