1. A

    Project: JetSki Shop Stand

    Hello NCWW community, I wanted to seek your advice in regards to material choice for a project I am working on. I have designed these interlocking stands that can be routed out so they can be assembled without tools. My question is in regards to strength and choosing the correct material...
  2. skysharks

    QS Red Oak and Black walnut ply source?

    Hey folks. I have some case work that I need to do, so I need some nice ply. Looking for black walnut and qs red oak plywood. Anyone know where the best place to get this from coming from the Fayetteville/Eastover area? Thanks in advance. MAc
  3. cpw

    Columbian HW Ply from BORG?

    Has anyone used the HW Ply from Columbian that the orange BORG is sells? I bought one piece of sandply and was pretty happy with it. I have a couple of small projects I'd like to get out of the way while I am still getting the shop set up and I really don't want to drive all over kingdom-come...
  4. merrill77

    Need a small piece of thin cherry ply 12x24

    I need at least 11 1/2 x 22 1/2". I'd prefer 1/4" thick, but could get by with 3/8 or 1/2". Anyone in the Triangle area have a little I can buy or trade for? I'm not going to buy a full sheet for this small bit. Worse comes to worse, I can get by with some BB ply that I have on hand, but if I...
  5. Gregory Paolini

    Source for Prefinished maple/birch ply - Goldsboro area

    Hi folks, Hope someone can help me out. I'm trying to help a friend that's in the Goldsboro area. He's getting ready to start building Kitchen Cabinets. I'd really like if he could find some pre-finished plywood out that way. It could be eith birch, or maple. It's just going to be for the...
  6. J

    Baltic Birch vs. Domestic Birch Ply

    What's the difference? Why is baltic typically 5' x 5' vs. domestic ply at 4' x 8'? Why would you choose one over the other for basic cabinet construction? :help: My daughter would like a project table similar to this one (she likes the glass top)...
  7. P

    red birch ply

    anybody have any place where i could get 3/4 red birch ply cheap, almost a 100 bucks from most places around here. will buy a unit if it is a good price.
  8. C

    Birdseye/Curly Maple Ply Wood

    Has any one every seen or worked with 3/4" ply 100% birdseye? Also do you think there is a market for instrument grade curly Ply wood? I just happen to run across several stacks of this today, and wondered if there was any use for it.....Thanks in advance CB
  9. M

    Phenolic Ply

    Hello All, I am looking to purchase several sheets of 3/4" phenolic plywood. I know about the stuff Woodcraft sells, but I need full sheets and the stuff they sell is only offered in smaller pieces. I've corresponded with Roberts Plywood in NY, and they will ship me what I want, but the cost...
  10. NCPete

    Cabinet grade ply at Home Depot

    just received a flyer from the Orange BORG about their new PureBond(formaldehyde-free technology) cabinet grade ply, available in 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4" thicknesses. the card says that various species like Cherry, Walnut, Maple, and exotics are available for special order with NO minimums at the...
  11. NCTurner

    Scrap Ply (Hillsborough)

    Scrap Lumber (Hillsborough) Date: 2010-02-06, 4:46PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I've got some sheets of plywood, some 2x4 and 2x6 scraps to give away. It's been cut up, but there's still some good wood here. Location: Hillsborough...
  12. I

    Need help, Quarter Sawn White Oak Ply

    I need a little help finding in stock quarter sawn White Oak Ply. I need 6 sheets of ¾ and 4 sheets of ¼. When the material was priced they forgot to tell me it was a special order. I live in Charlotte and will travel far to get it. Thanks Ian
  13. Ply


  14. S

    13 ply birch plywood 4 x 8 - $30 (Raleigh)

    Not mine! But I scored a sheet ! Nice Stuff Seller (David) now a newly minted member! 13 ply birch plywood 4 x 8 - $30 (Raleigh) Date: 2009-08-27, 2:03PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have a lot left, also selling cherry and maple...
  15. B

    120 sheets of cabinet grade ply - cheap

    That's a LOT of plywood but a great deal! Charlotte Craig's list. PLYWOOD - NEW (cabinet grade) - $2500 (Troutman, NC) Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-02-28, 10:10AM EST 120 sheets NEW plywood 4' x 6' x 3/4" (cabinet grade) 100 sheets...
  16. N

    MDF or Ply?

    I'm getting ready to build a cross-cut sled (Shop Notes #99). The plans call for a ply base. I don't have any ply but I've got quite a lot of MDF. Is there any reason I shouldn't use the MDF for all of it (base, fences, etc.)? Thanks for the help.
  17. K

    1" Thick Red Oak Ply

    Anyone know any where to get some stuff about 1inch thick. Little thicker would be better unless its already planed / semi-finished. Live in the raleigh Area. Starting an entertainment system / dresser and need at least one sheet of 1" thick stuff for two layers and some thinner stuff that I...
  18. merrill77

    Biscuits in 1/2 ply?

    Has anyone tried this? I've read that biscuits cause problems in MDF because the expansion of the biscuits will distort the MDF. Will I have this problem in 1/2" ply? TIA, Chris
  19. merrill77

    Cabinet-grade ply in Raleigh area?

    Where do y'all go in the Raleigh area for cabinet-grade plywood? I'm about to start a project for which I need several sheets (1/4, 1/2 and 3/4). Oak, BB, whatever - as long as it will remain flat. Of course, since it is a shop cabinet, I'm on a budget. 5x5s don't fit on my trailer well :( I...
  20. PChristy

    1/4 Cherry ply

    I am going to need some 1/4 cherry ply in the near future - does anyone know of a place I can buy some? Phillip

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