1. CatButler

    MWTCA meeting in Hillsborough 1/14 - Who's going?

    I'll be there. For the first time in a while I don't have anything special I'm looking for.
  2. Randall Kepley

    Christmas Meeting , with some trouble (off topic)

    Some of our local members had a meeting on the 20th at Mikes house (Shamrock) and as the last time we met we had a great time 2 great demonstration , good food and great discussions. But upon leaving I had some trouble, we all seemed to be leaving around the same time 8:45 - 9ish or so and...
  3. Leviblue

    IAP - December Meeting 12/15/11

    As the holiday's start arriving, the last meeting of the year for the Raleigh chapter is scheduled for December 15, 6:30pm at the local WoodCraft store. The agenda will include: Review of any issues being experienced with finishes or turning. Working on a turning with the lathes in the...
  4. Leviblue

    Raleigh, NC Pen Turners Meeting (IAP) in November

    The next meeting for the Raleigh, NC chapter of IAP, which is open to anyone willing to make the meeting, is scheduled for November 10, 2011 at 6:30pm. The WoodCraft store at 4317 Pleasant Valley Road in Raleigh will the location to meet. The group has had several successful meetings with...
  5. Leviblue

    Local IAP Meeting Sept. 29

    The next local chapter of the International Association of Penturners meeting is Sept. 29th at 6:30pm. Location is at the WC store on Pleasant Valley Road in Raleigh. If anyone is interested in meeting prior to the meeting for a supper, please let me know. Everyone interested in attending are...
  6. TracyP

    BOD meeting needed on classified policy

    I would like to call a special meeting to discuss classified ad policy only. I think our policies are strict for most and lax for some. A for instance is the guy that is selling the I heart woodworking license plates. Another concern of mine is Sully. He is using the classified as sort of a...
  7. Leviblue

    Local Meeting (IAP) All Are Welcome

    Here is an update for everyone that has inquired about the meeting being set up for the local chapter of IAP. I hope to see you there. When: August 4, 2011 @ 6:30pm start to gather time Where: WOODCRAFT Store 4317 Pleasant Valley Road Raleigh, NC 27612 Agenda: · Introductions ·...
  8. Leviblue

    Local Chapter of IAP First Meeting Set - Everyone is Welcome

    There was quite a bit of interest in the initial announcement of the local chapter of the IAP starting up in the area. As an update, the first meeting is scheduled for Thursday 8/4/11 at 6:30pm. The WoodCraft store in Raleigh has been very gracious in reserving time for the meeting to be held...
  9. H

    Annual Mid West Tool Collectors Raleigh Meeting

    Hi all, Date added to initial post - sorry to have left this out - bad to get old! Not sure this is the best location for this announcement as it has been a while since I have been on so if this needs to be moved, please do so. Yes, it is that time of the year again for the July M-WTCA...
  10. Douglas Robinson

    May BoD Meeting New and Old

    Everyone please let me know your availability this coming week for an evenint telephone conference. This will be the first of two (the next in June) with both the old and the new Board members. Please post reponses here. Doug
  11. Douglas Robinson

    Need a March BoD Meeting

    What is everyone's availability in the next 10 days?
  12. sawman101

    Western Piedmont Woodcrafters Meeting Sat. 0930

    Western Piedmont Woodcrafters meeting at 0930 a.m., Klingspors Woodworking Store, Hickory. This meeting's topic will be a demonstration on making Intarsia Scroll Saw Boxes. Douglas Dahlman will be the guest presenter. Y'all are invited; guests are always welcome, and the coffee and donuts are...
  13. Douglas Robinson

    BoD Meeting

    We probably should have a meeting soon. What is everyone's availability next week (in the evenings)?
  14. January 2011 Triad Lunch Meeting

    January 2011 Triad Lunch Meeting

    Even more blurry! Next time we need to remember a camera!
  15. January 2011 Triad Lunch Meeting

    January 2011 Triad Lunch Meeting

    A bit blurry, but we really did meet!
  16. ScottM

    (Important LUNCH Update) Mid West Tool Collector Meeting (MWTCA)

    I will start this off. Who all are planning to attend the MWTCA meeting in Hillsborough on January 15th? If we have enough interest maybe we can get one of the the good Hillsborough folks (Jim or Bob) to organize a NCWW lunch at one of the local eateries. It does not get much better...
  17. ScottM

    Maybe a topic for our next BOD meeting

    IMHO this is good and we should allow if at all possible. Maybe a member donates wood or tools or finished projects we auction off or include in a future raffle. Anyway we should have a formal policy and process so we ensure it does not impact our tax status...
  18. Douglas Robinson

    Availability for BoD meeting next week

    What is everyone's availability for a BoD meeting next week? I am proposing another weekday evening telephone meeting. Doug
  19. Douglas Robinson

    Meeting @ Ernie's Shop

    I went down to Washington, NC to race in a triathlon. I went down the day before and had a wonderful meeting with ErnieM, his wife (she took the picture), Alan, Matt, and Toolman (not pictured as he showed up later). Seeing Ernie's harpsicords is amazing. But hearing them is even better! The...
  20. Meeting at ErnieM's shop

    Meeting at ErnieM's shop

    Four out of fivr of us.

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