1. maple lumber

    maple lumber

    maple lumber
  2. T

    Red 2 x 4 framing lumber

    I'll start off by stating that I'm very much a novice to woodworking. I'm a decent metal machinist, just finally getting around to working with less predictable materials. So I'm at a big box store in Raleigh on Saturday and on one of the end isles in the wood section they have a stack of...
  3. Chainmilled Cherry

    Chainmilled Cherry

    Free Cherry from my neighbor's yard
  4. Glennbear

    Reclaimed Lumber Video

    From the Highland Woodworking Blog series, the pictures starting at about the 9:00 minute mark are particularly mind boggling. :wsmile:
  5. J

    Reclaimed lumber

    Interesting process. Thought I'd share it. More episodes to come in the future. Browsing the website tabs is informative. Check out the Gallery too! :icon_cheers
  6. S

    New to the area...

    At least our company is! Anchor Hardwoods & Cape Fear Riverwood is located at 6716 Old Wake Forest Road, Raleigh NC 27616. (We also have a store in Wilmington, NC) We are finally settled into our new "home" and traffic is not up to par just yet. We need your help!!! Anyone who has done...
  7. Timmy

    In need of CHERRY lumber

    I'm looking to get about 20-25 b/f of cherry lumber. looking for 4/4. Does anyone have any? Let me know the price and how much you have, maybe a couple people have enough cherry laying around. I'm trying to stay local so in the triad would work best. Thanks.
  8. allisnut

    Reclaimed lumber from the Cape Fear River

    These pens are made from pine slavaged from the bottom of the Cape Fear. Old Growth Riverwood, in Wilmington, pulls these logs up, runs them through the sawmill and kiln, and makes flooring and all sorts of unique furniture. I found them while we were on vacation and got a box full of scraps for...
  9. A

    Rough Lumber help

    If I am buying rough lumber and need finish thickness to be 3/4" and 1.5" how think should it be in a rough state? I am thinking generally.
  10. kooshball

    what is the name of the new lumber store up near 540 and capitol?

    i can swear that I saw a posting of a new lumber store in raleigh near triangle town center but i can't find the please... THX
  11. A

    lumber near roanoke va

    hi to all im looking for a little help in finding any kind of lumber in or around roanoke va i just got out of the military in may and moved back home so i dont have a local dealer and i have a couple people wanting projects made so any assisstance would be greatly appreciated thanks travis...
  12. T

    For Sale: Boule of Cherry Lumber

    For sale is a boule of Cherry. A boule is an entire log sawn through and through and then kept together so each piece has a consecutive bookmatch. This is ideal for large bookmatched table tops. It is 180.8 board feet. 6/4 thickness, 77" long. Widths vary up to 23 inches wide. It has been...
  13. L

    Lumber $0.75/bf in Advance [GSO CL]: maple/wild cherry/red oak beams

    Not mine, etc. sounds really good and would LOVE to get some maple and cherry but too far away (south of Winston-Salem): Maple, wild cherry, red oak beams (advance)Date: 2011-09-29, 7:13PM EDT Reply to: Kept dry for 25 years have 6000 board foot .75...
  14. bobby g

    AUCTION - lumber, machines, tools and guns - near Pittsboro

    Some of the personal property of Jesse Fearrington will be sold at auction on Saturday, October 1st. I know Jesse, but have not seen any of these items. Among the items to be sold are lumber, machines, tools and guns. The road to his house is opposite Fearrington Village, which is between...
  15. T

    For Sale: Burly Maple Lumber

    For sale is a boule of burly maple. It is the entire log sawn through and through so each board has a consecutive bookmatch. It is 4/4 (1 in thick), 82" long, and boards average around 8 or 9" wide. It has been kiln dried. There are a total of 9 pieces..and they are beautiful. Thanks for...
  16. 4a


  17. 3a1


  18. 2a


  19. 1a1


  20. L

    GSO CL: mixed lumber clean-up sale $200

    Not mine - a mixed lot of stuff posted on Greensboro CL FWIW, tis was apparently posted in 'yard sales' Friday AM (no photos/price, presumably no takers) then showed up 90 minutes ago in the right category w-price and photos. Seems like an...

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