1. G

    Hardwood and other workshop items

    I am cleaning out a basement workshop of equipment, tools, hardware, and lumber and not sure where to sell it (I am not the woodworker). Specifically with the lumber, I believe I have walnut and oak. I have 17 pieces of walnut (total of 77.85 bd ft) and 2 pieces of oak (total of 11.14 bd ft)...
  2. Lumber and Plywood Purchase

    Lumber and Plywood Purchase

    Lumber I purchased from the Hardwood Store of NC
  3. rybo

    Received free maple need advice on slicing them up!

    The neighbor across the street just cut down a large, beautiful maple tree. I was out recovering from surgery, so I wasn't able to get my hands on any of the large logs (plus I don't have a place to put them now, or a truck). However, after she saw me picking through the wormy split logs she...
  4. B

    Heads-up lumber guys!

    Spotted this ad on Craigslist a few minutes ago, and anyone near Holly Springs with a little time and equipment can grab a nice tree at a bargain. Ad says Red Oak, but it doesn't look oaky to me! You be the judge....too far for me to go to get it.
  5. tarheelz

    Any place to buy 2x4 SYP in North Carolina these days?

    Understanding that Southern Yellow Pine availability has been reduced due to lower production levels in southern sawmills, I am still hoping for some luck. I can get all the 2x8, 2x10, and 2x12 SYP I could ever desire right now from the Orange BORG. As of today (Wednesday) it looks pretty nice...
  6. lumber rack

    lumber rack

    air dried oak, various sizes
  7. lumber rack

    lumber rack

    kiln dried oak
  8. lumber rack

    lumber rack

    same wall other end
  9. lumber rack

    lumber rack

    cleats inspired by the wood whisperer
  10. R

    Extra long plywood for cabinets

    I am building cabinets and I need a couple sheets longer than 8 feet to avoid a joint. Does anyone know where I can pick up 10 foot sheets near Charlotte? I'm planning to paint them but I'd like to have decent quality because I plan to use them for the cabinet tops. The only other thing I...
  11. Lumber Haul

    Lumber Haul

    A bunch of lumber picked up from a Craigslist ad.
  12. Lumber Haul

    Lumber Haul

    A bunch of lumber picked up from a Craigslist ad.
  13. Lumber Haul

    Lumber Haul

    A bunch of lumber picked up from a Craigslist ad.
  14. F

    Hardwood lumber in/around Concord?

    Hello all, New to this site and a beginner woodworker as well. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for places to purchase lumber in the Concord/Cabarrus County area? Plan to build furniture mostly, but will likely do other things as well. Thanks in advance! Bobby
  15. D

    Need of lumber storage rack (mobile)

    I was lucky to be around Saturday when a local cabinet shop was closing down and planning for a big equipment sale. Besides some great deals on some needed equipment; he gave me access (free) to a lot of cabinet grade plywood, oak molding, and some nice rough oak planks. Once I got them in my...
  16. K

    walnut & cherry lumber

    CL ad for walnut & cherry lumber. I just got back from looking at it and most looks good. Seller says about 60% is walnut 30% cherry and other is mixture of white oak, cedar and hickory. I didn't get too far cause seller wants it all gone or nothing. It is all stickered for about 3 years. I took...
  17. Shamrock

    $1 bd/ft lumber liquidation sale!

    Hey Folks-time to thin down the herd a bit-these are lots I recently acquired on a bulk lumber purchase where I only really wanted the butternut for sale. Sooo..... who's ready for some great deals: 1st up : 76 bd/ft of S2S 3/4" thick cherry (I'd say in between #1 common and fas quality)...
  18. Z

    Two-part Epoxy Strengthener for Softwood Lumber

    On this morning's episode of This Old House they were showing how they constructed a pine top dining table. As part of the finishing they applied a two-part epoxy to strengthen the pine top. It was further explained that they would then poly over that surface. The epoxy mix really brought out...
  19. Red 2 x 4

    Red 2 x 4

    Some unidentified lumber I found at a big box store
  20. M

    Unloading some Maple...

    Picked up a few hundred bdft of relatively soft (not quite big leaf super soft maple) maple and I've got a lot more than I can use. I've got it sorted out front of my garage right now because someone was supposed to come pick up a decent chunk of it this morning and flaked at the last minute. If...

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