1. O

    250-year-old oak timber available - N. Raleigh

    A recent storm felled a white oak in my yard. It had a girth of 14.5 feet, which suggests an age of about 250 years. Half of the tree is down and cut into six-foot sections. About ten have 18-inch diameters. Another dozen measure 12 to 14 inches. You can see some of those in the picture below...
  2. R

    The WoodSpot- Charlotte (advice welcomed)

    All, We are very close to launching a new business that will be focused on supplying high quality hardwoods, plywoods and related woodcraft products (glues, sandpaper, blades, finishes) in our local store/warehouse in Charlotte. We are centering our focus on wood enthusiasts and hobbyists like...
  3. M

    NC Lumber/Services/Sawyers/Wood Lists in Google Maps Versions

    If there are new additions or missing/closed permanently sources listed, please let me know and I will get them added or removed. I would say that some of these folks do this work as a side job, so it's always best to call ahead and make an appointment rather than showing up at their home...
  4. BKHam

    Jack Murdock Lumber

    i went by Jack's new place which is on highway 98 in the edge of Bunn, maybe 15 min east of where he used to be. i was looking for some wood for an outdoor project. he had cypress but i was looking for something a little more durable. he took me to see the exotics he has. quite a selection...
  5. E

    The Maker's Space - Raleigh

    Hello, my name is Matt. I have a small furniture business called Enkle Designs but my father and I (both experienced woodworkers) have recently opened a shared woodworking shop/woodworking co-op. :eusa_danc We are offering membership and residency at The Maker's Space for woodworkers, metal...
  6. Stuart Kent

    Hardwoods for sale - many species

    the North Carolina Furniture School officially reopened in our new location in Ayden, near Greenville, NC. We have the following lumber in stock, come see us! All lumber Select Grade or better, rough sawn, random width with wide boards up to 20" available. Prices are in board feet. All sales...
  7. Stuart Kent

    Lumber for Sale Eastern NC

    Hello all, I have about 10,000 BF of exotics for sale. My shop is in Ayden, near Greenville if you want to come peruse. I have to meet by appointment right now because I have a lot of work going on, but please give me a call if your interested. I have some beautiful wide boards in the piles, and...
  8. S

    Holly tree trunk in Chapel Hill, NC

    I don't know where to post the following: My father, a woodworker, 30 years ago (before his death 20 years ago) just after we moved in, suggested to me, a daughter who was still doing some cabinetry and carpentry, at that time, that this holly tree in our front yard should be used for marquetry...
  9. N


    Hi all, it was recommended to me by a user on another forum to join and post about my situation over here. I have a sawmill set up in my back yard that is very under utilized and I would love to allow anyone close to me that can move logs (I can help also, if needed) to feel free to contact me...
  10. A

    Newish to site

    Hello I'm newish to the site, I've been a member for a while now but haven't really used it as a resource. I recently advanced my shop to allow me to dimension rough lumber. I have a few projects planned out that I need quality lumber (oak, maple, ash, etc) for. My problem is I don't know...
  11. M

    Need to part with some Black Gun (Black Tupelo) Slabs

    This week my better half informed me I have to get rid of some of the lumber I have stacking up. In order to appease her I have a number of Black Gum (Black Tupelo) slabs available. Almost all are live edge slabs ranging in width from 16"-30" inches and from 8/4 through 12/4 in thickness...
  12. J

    Lenoir: air dried lumber for sale l I have an ad on craigslist for rough sawn air dried outside lumber with many more pictures there. Lots of ash, maple, poplar. A little less oak. The best lumber is cherry. No walnut...
  13. Saw shed

    Saw shed

    Stacking and stickering lumber for air drying.
  14. M

    Saw milling

    I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for some advice . I own a small sawmill in Apex and I'm trying to get started sawing some lumber in hopes of selling some of it at some point . This is not my source of income so please don't mistake this for an advertisement. My assumption is that those...
  15. Headboard


  16. Headboard


  17. lumber racks

    lumber racks

    homemade rack
  18. lumber racks

    lumber racks

    HTC racks
  19. ambrosia maple

    ambrosia maple

    ambrosia maple
  20. SOFsawmill

    Sawmill in Durham

    Hi Everyone, I’m a sawyer in Durham County. I enjoy milling lumber on my portable sawmill and I have been learning the art of being a sawyer for a couple years now. I enjoy the challenges each log brings and the satisfaction from making unique and usable lumber. I am a portable sawmill...

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