1. LinkTayor Detail 1

    LinkTayor Detail 1

    Want someone to cut it to Queen
  2. Glennbear

    Like Link ?

    Happy New Year boys and girls :wsmile: I have a question for our techie people. As of this morning a blue link shortcut is appearing in every post I go to. The word is thus : Like I have not clicked on it for fear of launching something diabolical. Did we do this or is it something insidious...
  3. Mark Gottesman

    Home made turning and drying equiptment link.

    Ran across this in the Yahoo Shopbuilttools forum. interesting.
  4. kooshball

    very clever DC setup on sawmillcreek (link included)

    Found this today and thought it was quite interesting; especially the mount location for those of us working in garage.
  5. S

    Link belting

    If anyone is thinking of buying any link belting for their table saw, jointer, whatever I would highly recommend a seller on Ebay-- "quality-drain" (omit parentheses). $6 a foot and very reasonable shipping. I've bought from him twice now and what a difference it made on my TS! :icon_cheers...
  6. C

    Broken Link

    The "How to get discount qualified" link under Klingspor's ad ( is broken and show a Page not found error... Chris
  7. NCTurner

    Post count link

    The post count under a user used to be a hot link to all posts by that member, was this disabled?
  8. D

    Donation Link

    What the????? I clicked on the donation link from the donation tab on the toolbar and all I got was the NCWW "SMILIES" page.:eek: I promised a donation of a portion of the proceeds from my "Workbench For Sale" ad. A little help here perhaps?????
  9. merrill77

    broken calendar link?

    The first image under the "2011 NCWW Calendar" box in the upper-right links to this page: Which gives me a page not found error. Is it just me?
  10. S

    HF link belt

    Anyone use the link belt from harbor freight? If so what do think of it?
  11. DaveO

    Why can't I access this link???

    I was looking for Michael Gardner's write up on his panel-saw build and through the search I found a thread where it was linked but when I click on the link I get a note saying I don't have the privileges to open it. I don't understand:dontknow: help! Dave:-)
  12. Douglas Robinson

    picnic link

    We need to make the picnic location more promanent! There is no mention of it in the link on the upper right.
  13. Flute Maker

    Link To Sorby Texturing ReplacementCutter

    I am trying to find the cheapest link for the replacement cutter for the Sorby Spiralling and texturing cutter or for a similar item.. For the regular size not the micro one Thanks
  14. jimwill48

    Web Site Link Removal

    Hi, I just closed down my website and want to delete it from the Links Lib. How do I do it? The website was: :tinysmile_cry_t: Thanks, James
  15. M

    New Link Library Category

    At the suggestion of Gotcha6 (Dennis Reynolds), we have added a new category in the Link Library entitled "Woodworking Videos". Please feel free to add a link to public domain videos where the video was created by a non-NCWoodworker. Please avoid adding a link to a site that requires a member...
  16. TracyP

    Link to Moderation Guidelines Tell me if you can not see it.
  17. Travis Porter

    No raffle ticket link

    This morning after you guys did your thing, I saw the link for the buy raffle tickets. Now at home, I don't see it on any of the pages, home, galleries, etc.
  18. NCTurner

    Great resource link.
  19. NCTurner

    Carvers-New link in the link library.
  20. M

    A Curious Dead Link

    I had a meeting today with the Board of Directors of the Western NC Woodworkers Association and heard from one of our joint members here that the website for Woodworks Events is not working. It isn't our link that is bad; their website at is not responding. I...

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