1. G

    Rough Cut Walnut and 2 pieces hard pine for stair treads & other workshop items

    I am emptying out a workshop and looking for the best place and manner to sell everything in it. I could use some help in knowing how to price some of the items and then I could use help knowing where and how to post items to sell. My apologies if I'm using incorrect online etiquette. I am in...
  2. Bryan S

    Picnic signup items are not showing.

    I signed up for a few items to bring to the picnic and submitted but nothing is displayed by my name, it is blank. It looks like I signed up to bring nothing 2 different times. :dontknow: I did preview before submitting and they were there then. We do plan on being there, but not empty handed.
  3. kooshball

    20% off select items at Woodworker Supply for pro members

    I picked up this flyer at the IWF show last week. You can sign up for a pro membership as a member of this club (or any other club) then you should be able to get these discounts. From what I can tell the pro membership is good for ~5% discount overall...
  4. b4man

    group participation for special items donations

    Probably not the best title for this but; There has been some discussion about doing more group activities like the Pens for Troops. Do we have a position on request or invitations to make things like pens or toys, etc.? Although I hate to say it, the Holidays are not far off:eek: If there...
  5. J

    Picnic Items

    From home base here and another location, the following items will be brought to the picnic. BBQ pork, BBQ chicken, slaw, boiled potatoes, 10 gallons of sweet tea, and five gallons of unsweetened (provide someone doesn't pick up one of the coolers by the lid:rotflm:. Hush puppies will be fried...
  6. ScottM

    Interesting items in an auction

    Not mine nor do I have any connections.
  7. Douglas Robinson

    Raffle items from Klingspor

    Coleman sent me an email with the following potential items for our raffle: Item #Description Sale Price Reg. Price FR06080FREUD 8" DIAL-A-DADO (SD608)+ our cost:$ 199.00 regular cost: $ 269.99 97-108FREUD 3 PC CABINET DOOR SET W/ BACKCUTTER our cost: $ 120.00 regular cost:$ 159.99...
  8. T

    Target Coatings 30% off plus some items free shipping

    Target Coatings has a code DEC1809 for 30% off. In addition, some items have free shipping, such as gallon sizes of their EmTech 6000 lacquer. A gallon shipped is only $30.80. There is free shipping on some other items too - just look for the red oval saying "Limited Time Only Free Shipping".
  9. sapwood

    Items for sale in "Other WW or Site Related Topics"

    Noted three threads for items for sale by Dragon in titled forum. Frankly, I'm somewhat uncertain about our policies for "For Sale" stuff :dontknow: Should they be in "classifieds"? Roger
  10. jimwill48

    Want to trade Woodworking tools for Hunting Items

    Not sure if this is the right spot or even allowed. If not I'm sure an Admin will let me know :rolf:. Anyway here goes. My brother has moved to Ky and has invited me up when Bird and rabbit season starts for some hunting. Since I have been unemployed and find myself short of funds to pickup a...
  11. gator

    Granville County School System Auction Items

    Granville County School System is having an auction of surplus equipment Saturday morning the 12th. Auction Starts at 10:00AM. Among the items listed are these that may be of interest to woodworkers: 6" Delta Jointer Powermatic Model 160 16" Planer 18' x 6' triple axle trailer 16' x 6' triple...
  12. Douglas Robinson

    BoD Agenda Items

    For our meeting 6/14 at Steve's house, please submit any agenda items to me. So far: 1. Seating the BoD 2. determining the BoD positions 3. Committees 4. Tresurer's report 5. Non-profit status and steps 6. Old business 7. Ne business.
  13. Gunslinger

    Items for sale - video's

    Hi, First of all I appreciate your work and thoroughly enjoy your site. I looked under the FAQ’s but no matches came up with "sell". I just looked at the "Items for sale" although I have visited the site many times in the last year. I have seven dvd’s and vhs woodturning videos that I had...
  14. J

    want new items these are for sale

    I have the following for sale all are in good condition some are nearly new. I want to sell because i have a want list and being unemployed have no money. I am asking you guys to advise me as to what to ask for these items that would be reasonable so they would sell quick so i could get some of...
  15. Tar Heel

    Inventory of picnic items promised and items still needed

    The picnic is only 2 weeks and 5 days from now so I thought it would be good to post a list of what's been promised and what is still needed. There are definitely several things still needed, otherwise, there's going to be quite a run on the BBQ, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs. I'll list by...
  16. S

    sale items at the Fastener company

    I received this by email, just passing it along. I have ordered from the Fastener company before and was happy. Thank you for your continued support. We are listing the following specials you may wish to consider. 1. We are offering a 40% discount on 23 Gauge Galvanized Pins in the...
  17. T

    Grizzly has free shipping on select items

    Though their prices went up, they are offering free shipping on some big ticket items right now so you can actually save more than the prices went up in some cases. Not a huge deal but if you were waiting on something.
  18. M

    [How Do I-Help Desk] How do I delete old posts with items for sale that have sold?

    How do I delete old posts with items for sale that have sold? Thanks, Mitch:BangHead:
  19. Terry

    Auction Good Items

    For those that like Auctions and live in or around the Pittsboro Area, September 13th at 9 am. Check web site Veasey Estate. Terry
  20. TracyP

    [Problem-Main Site] Missing items

    An hour or so ago I noticed when clicking on todays posts or new posts the upper and side banners and featured photos are no longer visible, they are still there when clicking on forums. Anyone else seeing this or have I goofed a setting up. It is the same on Internet explorer and firefox.

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