1. hymie123

    Carbide tool handles

    I decided to make a set of carbide lathe tools. I turned the handles today. While they are only 16 inches long this is the longest I can turn on my little Rikon lathe. I'm very happy with the way they turned out.
  2. Lathe handles

    Lathe handles

  3. Lathe handles

    Lathe handles

  4. New handle for an old ball peen hammer

    New handle for an old ball peen hammer

    My first handle, made from mystery wood, possibly bass wood which is a terrible choice for a handle but it probably won't see much use. I de-rusted, polished and linseed oiled the head. The handle is sanded to 220 and several coats of BLO.
  5. LeftyTom

    Questions About Paring Knife Handle

    I have two paring knives (about 26 yrs old) that Carla really likes. One has the handle split, and I figure the other cannot be too far behind. I have already made a template, and have cut 3 handles of red oak (the only wood that was the correct thickness). 1) Does the collective NCWW...
  6. S

    Hovarter Single Handle Custom Face Vise

    I've replaced the twin screw face vise on my Holtzapffel Bench with a Hovarter Single Handle Custom Face Vise from www.HovarterCustomVise.com. I wrote a quick review and posted two 20+ minute assembly/review video's on YouTube. Check you my blog if you're interested in a killer vise...
  7. Flute Maker

    Plumbers Ferrule on Tool Handle

    I know Ive seen someone use a plumbers ferrule on tool handles they've made. What was the steps to go about it....holding it, shaping it for use etc...I could experiment and figure it out but I know you guys have done it a zillion times and know the ends and outs of it...Thanks !
  8. Joe Scharle

    Crank handle for Craftsman

    Router Crafter needed. Model # 720.25250. This handle has what looks to be about a 5/8" spur or star drive on one end. Sears parts responds with "no longer available". The Router Crafter is used to flute table legs or other round stock, by guiding a router on rails above the stock.
  9. Mark Gottesman

    Handle for Asian Digging Hoe

    With all the gardener/woodworkers here I thought maybe someone whose Google-fu is strong might point me in the right direction. I need a new handle for my digging hoe. It has an non standard eye [see photos]. Looking for something at least 60" long. Or where could I get a 60"+ 2x2 of hickory or...
  10. S

    Porter Cable 6912 TYPE 4 D Handle Router - $75 (Raleigh)

    Not mine! http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2186025195.html Porter Cable 6912 TYPE 4 D Handle Router - $75 (Raleigh) Date: 2011-01-28, 10:59PM EST Reply to: sale-6xzaj-2186025195@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Router works great, you can use it w/ the D-handle or remove...
  11. Canuck

    Not Sure How to Handle This One

    Guys. I was reading this post this AM... http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/showthread.php?p=350486&posted=1#post350486 regarding the closing of an OP's thread. Mike Davis explained the 30 day auto-closure rule. I went ahead and reopened his thread. When I returned to this thread, I...
  12. S

    Porter Cable 894 PK Vac Handle Router

    This is the 2 1/4 hp with a vac handle. How does this stack up vs Festool's routers. As far as dust collection is concerned. Please, no opinions. Experience between the two is appreciated. No, back in the day stories, when tools were tools and men were.... oh well Thanks M
  13. P10100507


  14. kooshball

    Where can I find a Stanley Bailey #5 replacement handle?

    I have recently acquired an old Stanley Bailey #5 plane that has the top missing off the handle; where is a good source for a replacement handle? Thanks
  15. froglips

    Finish Video on making and fitting an axe handle

    Our friend is back! We've seen some of these videos from a Finish archive. This one is quite interesting, to me at least :-) Found this on the Village Carpenter Blog http://vstr1.nebula.fi/?id=5790585-1252308059&w=640&h=476&fs=1&c=1&r=640&a=1&p=1 10:30-12:13: using a bow saw...
  16. Shave brush start

    Shave brush start

    cherry and hornbeam 2
  17. Shave brush start

    Shave brush start

  18. Shave brush start

    Shave brush start

    cherry left, hornbeam right
  19. Shave brush start

    Shave brush start

    cherry finished 2
  20. Shave brush start

    Shave brush start

    cherry finished

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