1. A

    Trees on the ground in CLT

    A friend of mine posted these pics on fb of trees that came down yesterday. i told him some of yall might be interested in them. if you are let me know and i'll put yall in touch with each other. i think he lives in south charlotte.
  2. S

    Portable miter saw stand -$50 (Cary/Swift Creek)

    not mine: no name brand listed Portable miter saw stand - quit cutting on the ground - $50 (Cary/Swift Creek) Date: 2011-04-14, 11:15AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Portable miter...
  3. Mike Davis

    Best price 6/3 +ground

    I need to pull a bigger wire to the subpanel in my shop/garage. Need about 75 feet of Copper 6 ga 3 conductor with ground. Is there a big difference in prices or will it cost about the same anywhere. Anybody got an inside line on heavy wire? Got any extra laying around for a good...
  4. woodworker2000

    Raleigh CL - Large Black Walnut Tree (on ground ready for milling)

    Found this on Raleigh CL and thought it might be of some interest to our sawmill owners or anyone with a portable mill. Link: Black walnut tree (raleigh, down town) Date: 2010-02-24, 12:10AM EST Reply to:
  5. PChristy

    Coffee Ground Patch(how to?) Update with pics

    Hate to ask a dumb question but I have seen alot of you talk about patching with the coffee grounds - how do you do it - mix it with what - wood glue? CA? this question might have already been asked but........I would not know how to search it - Coffee patch? Coffee Grounds? View image in...
  6. froglips

    Copper water pipe in ground...

    I hope ya'll will tell me I'm worrying for nothing...... Whilst under the house (no sewage stories this time), large runs of my water pipe is under or sitting in contact with the ground. There is some green corrosion or, as I like to pretend it is, a patina of joy on some of the pipe...
  7. jaustin

    Above ground pool deck

    Almost finished my pool deck just need to build a gate for the top deck.
  8. jaustin

    above ground pool deck pics?

    Just got a above ground pool put in. does anyone that have one that built a deck around have any pics of it while building it? like to see how you built the framing to it. thanks
  9. MrAudio815

    Above ground garden

    Hello Everyone, It's been a while since I have been on here or even posted anything. The past few weeks I have been working long hours at work, working on our Garden, and putting together the Router Table. We got 180 brick for free from Beaulaville and man was that a chore. We had to dig it...
  10. T

    240v wiring - no ground

    I bought a 3 hp saw recently, and i was planning on running an extension cord from my dryer outlet in the next room to power it until i got around to doing some rewiring in my shop sometime in the future. The saw came with a 6-15 plug on it (2 pole plus ground), and right now the dryer outlet...

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