1. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  2. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  3. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  4. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  5. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  6. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  7. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  8. W

    Free granite

    An fyi that a place in Concord NC has free granite scraps, 1" thick, up to a sq ft in area, on an ongoing basis. Really beautiful pieces left from counter installs. Seems like some creative mixed media could brew here. See for directions if it sets a spark.
  9. tool gloat

    tool gloat

    Steel City granite wood lathe.
  10. thrt15nc

    Ridgid Granite Top Saw ?

    Anyone else with this saw seen this? it seems I've noticed this for quite awhile, but it wasn't a problem until this weekend. If I'm running a board through for a cut that's at least as wide as the blade insert, everything is fine, If I'm cutting something narrow and the fence is over the...
  11. My first project

    My first project

    This is the coffee table my wife "commissioned" me to make after she sold our old one on craigslist.
  12. blazeman45

    Do not use pro stone granite co

    I just threw the crew from Pro Stone off my job!! I built a new screen porch and outdoor kitchen which we hired Pro Stone to install the granite top... First, the installers showed up and walked through my new landscaping, crushing plants along the way. I asked them to use the side walk which...
  13. Stone medallion

    Stone medallion

    Not wood but thought it was pretty anyway. Black and white spires are marble, surround is granite. Sits in a foyer, directly below the recessed dome I posted a picture of already and the crystal chandelier that hangs from the dome.
  14. S

    Ridgid 10 in. table saw with granite top (Spartanburg)

    Not Mine Ridgid 10 in. table saw with granite top (Spartanburg) Date: 2011-01-08, 7:17AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Ridgid 10 in. table saw with granite top, weight over 500 lbs...
  15. S

    Granite Top Cabinet Table Saw - $635 (Clemmons)

    Not Mine Granite Top Cabinet Table Saw - $635 (Clemmons) Date: 2011-01-17, 3:39PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] General International Model 50-240GT M1 10. Brand new never has...
  16. C

    Seeking Recommendations for Granite Countertops

    So now that my bathroom vanity is built and installed, anyone have any experience with granite countertop fabricators in the western north carolina area? Good? Bad? advice? Recommendations? Looks like this is one project I can't do myself.
  17. J

    granite folding table

    View image in gallery This is the granite folding table I built for laundry room from granite that ncturner & others helped me aquire. Thanks guys, this made many points with my wife. James
  18. sawduster

    Granite backsplash

    I recently had the opportunity to rescue several feet of granite backsplash that was being removed from a friend's kitchen. I seem to remember that some folks use this to facilitate sharpening things. Perhaps there are other uses :dontknow: Point is I grabbed it in case someone could use it and...
  19. Rigid Granit Top

    Rigid Granit Top

    Rigid granite Top
  20. Small Messy Shop

    Small Messy Shop

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