1. Christmas Pipes - #2

    Christmas Pipes - #2

    I made some tobacco pipes for christmas presents this year. Just now finally getting around to it uploading them.
  2. First real carving

    First real carving

    My first real attempt at carving is my Pinewood Derby car. Here it is with a coat of primer. If you can't tell, the car will be the Mach 5 (of Speed Racer fame). I cut the basic shape on the bandsaw and power sanders (OBS, OSS, NBS) and then carved the rest by hand with bench and carving...
  3. carving set

    carving set

  4. carving


  5. Day Lilly Carving

    Day Lilly Carving

    Day Lilly Carving
  6. Grotesques


    Grotesques carving
  7. "The Guardian"

    "The Guardian"

    Carved in basswood
  8. Table legs

    Table legs

    Dining room table shown in first picture legs, all in Imbuia.
  9. Armoire


    Yellow Wood (Podocarpus Latifolius) and Imbuia
  10. Dad's work

    Dad's work

    This was my mentor, dad's work when he was still alive. Armoire
  11. Grape Carving

    Grape Carving

  12. Grape Carving

    Grape Carving

  13. Grape Carving

    Grape Carving

  14. Grape Carving

    Grape Carving

  15. KenOfCary

    Moxon Vise - Carving Bench

    I got the Moxon Vise kit from and finally got around to building a combination vise / carving bench with the hardware. I think it came out rather well. With the hard maple it is very heavy and stable once clamped down to the regular workbench. It gives me an additional 5-1/2" of...
  16. PeteM

    New Carving Bench

    I was browsing the lumber section at the BORG and two 2"x12"x16' almost perfect SYP boards were sitting right on top of the pile! I've been wanting a more stable carving bench so here's what I ended up with: It's a bit more than 2' wide, 40" long and 39" high. I can work...
  17. UNC logo

    UNC logo

  18. UNC logo

    UNC logo

  19. UNC logo

    UNC logo

  20. UNC logo

    UNC logo

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