1. b4man

    BoD agenda

    Reviewed PM's and saw Andy's recommendations from early on in the planning phase. Didn't see much else. Could we use this thread as a list for requested agenda items? TIA.
  2. M

    BoD Liability Insurance

    One of the assignments that our past President promised to complete was the purchase of a liability insurance policy that covers the Board of Directors in the unlikely event that someone decided to sue the corporation. Unfortunately, he never completed the task and I only found out this week...
  3. TracyP

    BOD meeting needed on classified policy

    I would like to call a special meeting to discuss classified ad policy only. I think our policies are strict for most and lax for some. A for instance is the guy that is selling the I heart woodworking license plates. Another concern of mine is Sully. He is using the classified as sort of a...
  4. Douglas Robinson

    New BoD

    An announcement of the new BoD positions is in order. Rob, you can make it, or if you would prefer I will make it. I leave it up to you. Doug
  5. Douglas Robinson

    BoD thread conduct

    Barbara, Cathy and Dennis: FYI: The BoD began the policy of posting "read" in BoD threads so that the rest of the BoD is assured that the rest of the BoD has reveiwed the topic even if they have nothing to add. Thanks, Doug
  6. Douglas Robinson

    May BoD Meeting New and Old

    Everyone please let me know your availability this coming week for an evenint telephone conference. This will be the first of two (the next in June) with both the old and the new Board members. Please post reponses here. Doug
  7. Trent Mason

    2011 BoD Election Results

    Greetings fellow NCWWers, For those of you who were unable to attend the Spring Picnic today, I wanted to share the results of the 2011 BoD election. :gar-Bi First of all, I would like to thank each of the four candidates for their willingness to run and serve on the board. No matter what the...
  8. Douglas Robinson

    Need a March BoD Meeting

    What is everyone's availability in the next 10 days?
  9. S

    Didn't the BOD explicitly vote to deny this?

    Just making sure we follow the lead of the BOD on this since there was an explicit decision made. This post seems to be a direct violation of that ruling: Here's the previous discussions...
  10. Douglas Robinson

    BoD Meeting

    We probably should have a meeting soon. What is everyone's availability next week (in the evenings)?
  11. ScottM

    Maybe a topic for our next BOD meeting

    IMHO this is good and we should allow if at all possible. Maybe a member donates wood or tools or finished projects we auction off or include in a future raffle. Anyway we should have a formal policy and process so we ensure it does not impact our tax status...
  12. C

    BOD contact information

    I'm not very good with computers. If I'm missing something it wouldn't surprise me in the least. I have tried to update my contact information and the thread I found for the BOD contact is closed. So, if someone knows how to insert or move this, please do and thank you in advance! Andrew...
  13. Douglas Robinson

    Availability for BoD meeting next week

    What is everyone's availability for a BoD meeting next week? I am proposing another weekday evening telephone meeting. Doug
  14. ScottM

    New Contact the BoD form

    Am I missing something but should this contact gone to the BoD members and not the general staff and mods? The topic is OK to be viewed by all but I thought the idea was only the BoD would see these...
  15. TracyP

    Open BOD Position

    Doug has spoken to Andy, CaptnA about becoming the seventh member of the BOD. Andy has graciously accepted. Please respond with a yea, or Na to seat Andy on the BOD. I personally feel that Andy would be a great addition to the BOD. So my vote is Yea.
  16. TracyP

    Important Staff and BOD Conference Call Updated Time 8:00 PM

    An all important conference call will be held on Monday evening August 2nd at 8:00 PM. All of the Staff and the Board of Directors are welcome and encouraged to take time to participate in this call. The agenda is really simple and will be restricted to this one item: Where we are. Although...
  17. SteveColes

    To BOD & M & A's. I'm done

    When I was elected to the BOD, most of the existing BOD was suspicious of me. They seemed to dislike and distrust everything about me. For some reason that I will never really understand. I basically said that if we couldn't have some mutual trust and respect, I would not take the seat. We then...
  18. Douglas Robinson

    Next BoD meeting

    Please let me know your availability for the next BoD meeting. It should be held between 7/1 and 7/14 (By responding to this thread). I will not be available 7/11 as I am racing at Lake Harris that AM. I telephone meeting should suffice, unless someone has a good reaon for a face-to-face...
  19. scsmith42

    Minutes from the June 26, 2010 BOD meeting

    All: Attached below is a draft of my minutes from today's BoD meeting. Please review these and advise me of any changes that should be made. Thanks much. Scott MINUTES OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING NORTH CAROLINA WOODWORKER, INC. June 26, 2010 The meeting was held at Doug Robinson's...
  20. scsmith42

    Notice of BOD meeting - June 26, 2010

    A meeting of the Board of Directors of NCWoodworker, Inc will be held at 9 am on Saturday, June 26th at the offices of Doug Robinson. The meeting will last until late morning, estimated to end between 11am and noon. A conference bridge will be provided for BOD members who are not able to...

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