1. R

    New member “who we are.”

    I am a “do-it-myself” woodworker in Eastern North Carolina. I am a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant. I have yet to build any “big” projects, save adding cabinets to my kitchen. I have built small desks, floating shelves, a mantel, and a couple footlockers. I enjoy woodturning. I have turned...
  2. 38EA494F-EBA0-4407-92A9-26200DA774BB.jpeg


    I turned my first segmented bowl
  3. Sam Knight

    Shop Fox W1758

    I have a wood lathe for sale. Shop Fox W1758. 2 hp variable motor. 16”x46” capacity. Heavy duty build, weighs 300lbs with stand. Runs great! Lists new for over $900, asking $300. Any questions text me at 336-583-5262 and I’ll get back to ASAP. Thanks!
  4. Stuart Kent

    Permanent home, new tools, & new classes for the North Carolina Furniture School!

    Good Morning All, Mike Davis asked me to share this big news with you, (and I just invited him to come teach a class for us, so let's make that happen - who's interested?). Also several folks here on the forum have asked what the school is and how it came to be, so here is the story and the big...
  5. C

    Intro to Woodturning Tools with Morris Schlesinger

    June Intro to Woodturning Tools Instructor: Morris Schlesinger Tuesdays, June 4, 11, 18, 23 | 2 – 4 pm Open Studio: Thursday, June 6, 13, 20, 25 | 2 – 4 pm Class Fee: $168 Materials Fee: $25 to CCSA Skill Level: Beginner, 18+ This class is a great introduction to the world of turning, a skill...
  6. R

    Help on identifying species.

    Hello everyone. New to NC and NCwoodworker so my fist post will be "What am I working with?" Any help is greatly appreciated as my identifying skills are "Yup, thats a tree". Anyway, got some branches from someone trimming their yard. I ve been making some small little bud vases and I have no...
  7. W

    Milliput Epoxy Putty Inlay

    I watched an interesting wood turning video which included an epoxy putty inlay. I have not seen this before and thought it would be good to share. Does anyone have experience with using this epoxy putty? Seems like there could be a wide range of applications aside from woodworking. Bubinga...
  8. Sam Knight

    Recent turnings

    Here are some of my more recent turnings. 1st pic-Cedar end grain bowl 2nd pic-Pecan lidded bowl 3rd-Bowl from limb section of unknown wood (Oak maybe?) 4th-Pecan bowl 5th-Sea Urchin christmas ornament 6th- pair of maple bowls
  9. Sam Knight

    Pecan lidded bowl

    This was an Anniversary gift I made for the wife. She loved it. Spalted pecan with mating lid made from 1 piece.
  10. Turned Pecan lidded bowl

    Turned Pecan lidded bowl

    Anniversary gift I turned for the wife.
  11. W

    A Woodturners Dream

    I was looking up some videos on woodturning and during my YouTube rabbit hole I came upon the below video: https://youtu.be/MyROaNXAiVQ If the link does not work, search "a woodturners dream 2017 burning man art installation." The video is credited to Malcolm Tibbetts on YouTube. I thought...
  12. BKHam

    annoyed with turning knobs

    i need to turn two matching shaker style knobs in walnut. i did some test knobs in scraps and settled on sizes and have dividers set up to produce a few. i'm still having trouble getting them exactly the same. as much as i want to make this myself i am tired. does anyone have a process for...
  13. I

    This lamp possible?

    I broke 1 of a pair of 2 lamps in our house and unfortunately, it's been discontinued. The other one is ceramic but it seems like it would be possible to build one with woodturning. I, unfortunately, have no woodturning experience or equipment. So my questions to you fine people are: 1) Is...
  14. Stuart Kent

    Governor McCrory gives out another oak bowl

    I delivered this bowl early this morning and it has already been given out by Governor McCrory at a job creation event held in Wilson earlier today! I wish the picture was clearer, but I am thrilled to have it!
  15. Sam Knight

    Valentine's Vase and flowers

    Here was the Valentine's gift I made for my wife. It was my first time making a tulip or vase. The tulips were made after I watched Carl Jacobson's video. Summary of what I did was. -Drill 3/4" hole about 3/4 of the way through the block and a 1/4" hole on the other. -On the bandsaw cut a...
  16. Sam Knight

    2nd attempt at a goblet

    Here is the 2nd goblet I've made to date. It was turned from an old piece of cedar given to me by a friend. An inclusion in the base was left in it due to the shape of the log. Thought about cutting it off and turning a separate piece then gluing them together but the wife said she liked it...
  17. Stuart Kent

    a little shout out to my friends at EWT

    I made this urn recently, set it down on my assembly table where I had put my smock, and thought it looked like a setup for a killer photo so I took it.
  18. Sam Knight

    My first try at a goblet.

    Hi all. Had a Bradford Pear tree blow over from the storm last week so I cut it up and used a section to make my first goblet. Another first is the captive ring. Saw some turnings by Mike Mathews that had captive rings and wanted to try it myself. Used Capt'n Eddie's "Shine Juice" on it then...
  19. CommGuy107

    Free Turning Videos (for now)

    I've been enjoying the "Woodturning with Tim Yoder" videos. Popular Woodworking Magazine made all 24 Season 1 videos free to stream as they promote Season 2. Tim works with both traditional and carbide tools and has a fun personality, so when you aren't learning something, you can simply...
  20. CommGuy107

    Charlie's Segmented Turning Workshop

    A huge - make that HUGE - thank you to Charlie for his Segmented Turning Workshop. The workshop - for those who have attended - is probably one of the most friendly and informative woodworking sessions around. For those who have never been...you're missing out! Charlie is a gracious host, and...

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