1. C

    New in Wilmington

    Hey there, fellow wood enthusiasts. I'm Cody, and I'm a self-taught woodcarver. Since I was a kid, growing up in Carthage, NC, I always loved the woods. Something about trees just provoked a calming bit of life in a world so chaotic. I'm looking to expand my knowledge on all things wood, and am...
  2. B

    Need Hardwood Supplier Brunswick County

    Hello all.... New here... Just moved in from 10 years in Vegas. Woodworking for about 20 years but now am semi-retired and I'm gettin' serious! Here's my problem. While in Vegas I had a great lumber supplier. Here in Southport, Wilmington area, I haven't found anyone yet so I'm looking for...
  3. B

    Wilmington Turners

    I have been looking for a lathe to get started turning, and recently found what I was looking for. It was kind of a good news bad news situation. The bad news was that it belonged to an elderly gentleman who recently lost his sight. And he loved turning. We spent a couple of hours in his shop...
  4. S

    Delta unisaw, $400 (Wilmington craigslist)

  5. S

    New to the area...

    At least our company is! Anchor Hardwoods & Cape Fear Riverwood is located at 6716 Old Wake Forest Road, Raleigh NC 27616. (We also have a store in Wilmington, NC) We are finally settled into our new "home" and traffic is not up to par just yet. We need your help!!! Anyone who has done...
  6. JayMerritt

    Aromatic Red Cedar near Wilmington, NC?

    Does anyone have a source for Aromatic Red Cedar near Wilmington, NC? thanks, Jay
  7. Jim M.

    RBI Hawk on CL in Wilmington.

    RBI Hawk in Wilmington for sale on Craigslist, not mine, but good price. Jim Scroll Saw - $200 (Wilmington) Date: 2011-10-27, 2:38PM EDT Reply to: sale-8bdkv-2671943827@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Scroll saw, table style. Excellent condition. Comes with magnifying...
  8. N

    Shop Teacher from Noble in Wilmington

    Does anyone know if the shop teacher from Noble, the public school in Wilmington, is on this forum??? If he is I would first, like to applaud him for his patience and second, my nephew is in his class and just made a wind spiral. This has really sparked his interest in woodworking and has...
  9. J

    wilmington CL: Craftsman 12" lathe + accessories, $90

    Not mine. http://wilmington.craigslist.org/tls/2175139231.html "wood laythe, craftsman,two sets of tools, 1/2 hp , 4 speeds, copy crafter for making duplicates and face plate for bowls. runs great." The ad doesn't say if the 17 knives in the picture are included, but if so this could be an...
  10. S

    PANEL ROUTER - $900 (Wilmington, NC)

    Not Mine, for you Pros out there? http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2144584986.html PANEL ROUTER - $900 (Wilmington, NC) Date: 2011-01-05, 8:28AM EST Reply to: sale-svrbf-2144584986@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] HER-SAF #145 PANEL ROUTER New cost over $5300.00...
  11. J

    PE Offer: Wilmington, Jacksonville, New Bern, North Carolina

    Hey Folks, I'll be traveling for the next few days and have a Ford Fusion sedan if you have something on the medium to small size coming from any of those points or anywhere in between. I'll be in Wilmington on Wednesday, leaving out early Thursday for Jacksonville until late afternoon, and...
  12. T

    I'm in Wilmington at TOOLS PLUS Today!!!

    Tools Plus is having a sale today and me and other vendors are set up in the parking lot. Come on by and say hi to me.
  13. AudreyO

    Cabinet Shop Yard Sale TODAY In Wilmington

    My mom just called and said that there is a cabinet shop closing on 3rd and Greenfield (downtown Wilmington). She said they had lots of nice equipment wood etc. Just passing it along.
  14. mihunt

    Pen Kits in Wilmington NC??

    Anyone know if there is a place in Wilmington NC where I can buy pen kit parts....I'm specifically looking for a 2010 replacement band for a slimline pen. My sisters' husband is graduating with a teaching degree, and I made him a teacher's pen, and just now thought I should have put a 2010 band...
  15. M

    looking for ryobi bt3k near wilmington

    I have posted this in the Bt3 central as well. I am looking for a bt3xxx table saw. It doesn't have to be pretty, but it does need to be functional. I live near wilmington/southern coastal areas, I can make a trip as far as Raleigh no problem, farther than that would have to be for a pretty...
  16. Splinter

    Wilmington Area Woodturners Assocaition (WAWA)

    For all those here that have slipped down the slope and have fell into the vortex and are looking for a Woodturning Club you are welcome to check out the Wilmington Area Woodturners Association (WAWA). We meet the second Saturday at 1PM in Leland (just outside of Wilmington). Four or more times...
  17. S

    woodworking tools on Wilmington Craig's list

    This was posted yesterday on Wilmington Craig's list. Not mine (I wish). I guess the $1 on the post was to get everyone's attention. http://wilmington.craigslist.org/tls/1634751075.html
  18. timf67

    PE Needed: Wilmington to Charlotte

    I am looking at buing the Griz sander from joeC in Wilmington, but I would need a PE to get it to me. Anyone headed in that direction?
  19. Nutt armchair

    Nutt armchair

    Chair is copy of a Wilmington NC chair make by John Nutt, thought the arms are Philadelphia
  20. LeeNC

    Tool Hunting In Wilmington

    I am going to be in the downtown area of Wilmington NC this weekend for a triathlon and was wondering if anyone knew of any shops that carried old tools? I am going to be swimming for an Ironman relay team (2.4 miles) and it should only take me about and hour. My wife will be doing the whole ½...

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