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I have been looking for a lathe to get started turning, and recently found what I was looking for. It was kind of a good news bad news situation. The bad news was that it belonged to an elderly gentleman who recently lost his sight. And he loved turning. We spent a couple of hours in his shop discussing some of his past projects. He sold me everything I need to get started, other than a block of wood. He got very emotional as I loaded everything. But then he smiled and said he was glad it was going to someone who would enjoy it like he did....and that no burly chain-smoking drunk showed up to buy it.

I now have it all set up and ready to go, and was wondering if there are any turners in the Wilmington area that would be okay with a rookie watching over there shoulder to get some basic pointers? Not only have I never done it, I've only seen it done on youtube. I am a true rookie, but can't wait to get going!

So you can count on me to be picking the brains of all you experts. That is what I love about this site.



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you will love turning brad, very addictive! i am a member of the wilmington area woodturners we meet 2nd sat of each month at the leland VFW . next meeting is jan 14th 1 pm we have turners of all skill levels and always welcome new members and visitors. we have a mentoring program and bring in many well known turners for demos through the year. visit our website for more info.



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Wilmington Area Woodturners Association

Try this link, it should, not shall, will get you the home page.
Not a roundy roundy, but have seen them demonstrate the craft at Poplar Grove Plantation and have been very impressed.

Hope that helps.

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